I Keep Trying To Move On…

But They Keep Providing Fodder

Yesterday I watched the press briefing by Secretary of Defense Austin and General Milley. Two people that for over a week I have called for their firing. At the end yesterday, I was for it even more.

Here’s an example of the appeal from Secretary Austin. He said that I hoped the whole country would come together to support our troops, who preformed so admirably.

Hey, Mr. Secretary and General Milley, we are united on troops. Everyone is 100% behind them, appreciative of their efforts and fully supportive.
It is you two, along with Secretary Blinken, National Advisor Sullivan and General McKenzie we are angry with.
Did you miss that message?
We want all five of you out. You all either gave bad advice, or condensed to what the President wanted. Then you saw the debacle and stayed. In either case you should have had the courage your position requires and leave.

So I am clear. We want YOU gone, we SUPPORT the troops, every last one of them. If you did, 13 of them would still be alive.

Then I see the Chief of Staff (Ron Klain) make this big speech about how they did this “incredible job” with the situation they inherited.
No, no, no.
It was a situation you created, your decisions and actions caused the mess. Your administration made it the crisis it became. Stop lying. I know your followers and some brain dead supporters will back your version and repeat it, but a majority knows better.
Stop making us all look like idiots to the world. You’re lucky you have a friendly media or you would be gone already too.

Here’s another thing that irks me.
I hear the President talk about the cost of this war. The cost in dollars as if he is worried about spending.

The cost,Mr. President, over twenty years was not cheap in people or dollars. Here are the numbers:
2,461 U.S. service members were killed.
20,000 were injured.
3,846 U.S. contractors killed.
66,000 Afghan military and police killed. (Think about this number and the President’s charge they wouldn’t fight.)
47,245 Afghan civilians were killed.
51,191 Taliban and opposition fighters killed. 
You should probably add the 3,000+ of our citizens who were killed by the action on Sept. 11th that came out of Afghanistan.

Now in dollars the President has said over and over it was a fortune.
The tab  for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars over twenty years:  $2 trillion.

Yes, Mr. President, that is a lot of our tax money over the past 20 years. 2 Trillion Dollars.

Yet you are fighting for a $3.5 Trillion immediate spending bill.
You’ve already spent more than $2Trillion incrementally.
Here’s a message for you.
All Trillions count. All Trillions are adding to our debt. All Trillions are bills our children have to pay — not just the war cost.

A reminder, it’s a war you did NOT end. The war is a war on terrorism. You just gave them back a base to plan and operate from.

By the way, this question to all of you noted above and Jen Psaki. So how many Americans or friends of ours have the Taliban released to us since they took over? You all told us we would get our people and friends back. How many so far?

I think we’ll take off tomorrow, and like you, try to unwind a little this labor day weekend. We’ll be thinking as always of our warriors and remembering them.

1 thought on “I Keep Trying To Move On…”

  1. Well,you know who I’am,,,

    My generation fought the Viet-Nam War,,and for many years we got bogged down once again then because of the dead-head politicians,,I LOST A GOOD MANY FRIENDS THERE…
    So here we are again in the same situation and once again the DAMNED LEFTIST politicians and a few in UNIFORM,posing as our GENERALS and military leaders really did us in this time…NO NEED TO GO INTO IT,,,All I can say is the ENORMOUS damage that has been done this time is the ULTIMATE SCREW UP OF ALL TIME,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All I can do now and those that believe as I do,,,is unfortunately have to sit back and pray that those Americans that voted for this administration that is trying to govern us today,is to wake up,,,and these leftists are cut down to size in next years mid-terms..

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