Trying To Grasp…

Trying To Comprehend Words And Events

Yesterday the President spoke of the pullout in Afghanistan in such an angry tone. Who was he mad at?
Since he was speaking to the American people, why was he yelling at us?
He voted for the war. He headed the Senate Intelligence Committee. He was VP for eight years.
Why is he mad at me?

Let’s get one thing straight. He said he “ended the war.” No you didn’t. If you believe that then you are misguided.
The war is against Islamic Terrorism.
Afghanistan was their original base of operation. We chased them out, then to Iraq and then to Syria and Yemen. You didn’t end the war, you ended a chapter in one place.
Once those dedicated to our demise are able to reestablish, you own every drop of blood that will be shed.

You lied and are still lying.
You said we would stay until every American is out. You didn’t. You changed “no man left behind” to “ten percent is okay.” For 245 years that slogan meant something.
I saw a picture yesterday from WWII. Marines were holding a sign that said:
“The Coast Guard worked hard to put us here and now we’re going to stay.”
What a different time.

You said we did this evacuation (I call it withdrawal) in “an orderly manner”. No we didn’t.
We got thirteen soldiers killed, twenty wounded, left an estimated $85 billion of U.S. equipment behind, emboldened our enemies and destroyed our reputation with allies.
That’s orderly to you? Getting people and equipment out first is orderly. You had a different agenda.
And when you say it was “the best ever,” it’s because the United States never withdrew in such a fashion. You own the loss.

You said “everyone could have left.” Are you serious? Did you hear what happened to people trying to get to the Kabul Airport?
Are you following the stories of people now calling and begging because they couldn’t get out? Don’t you care, even about the Afghan driver who saved you? You know the one you spoke about so many times?
Who is going to ever trust our word again?

While I’m asking what you care about, are the stories from the families about your actions on the tarmac for the return of the bodies true? Are you that callous?

When you say they had “plenty of time,” who do you think you are fooling? Do people leave their homes when a hurricane is forecast before the final days? It is human nature to stay with your home and family.
Plenty of time? People wanted to stay because they trusted the word of the United States of America. Your actions is what cut their time and chance to leave.

You lied saying the US choice in Afghanistan was “to leave or commit tens of thousands of more troops going back to war.” That’s not true at all. You make it sound like we were in a ground war and  invading the country. No that was over. We were in a European, Korea, Japan type situation. Our soldiers were there to support and maintain the peace. It wasn’t an all out fight everyday with our troops dying. In fact, more died under your orderly withdrawal than the year and a half prior.

I know why you did it… for show, because everything you do is for show. You wanted to stand before the nation on September 11th and say “I, Joe Biden, ended this twenty year war.” You wanted to be the hero.
You’re not the hero. You disgraced our nation to the world and set us up for some bad events down the road. It will take a while for them to get organized and do it, but it’s coming and you own it.

President George W. Bush said this when we went to Afghanistan: “We will not waver; we will not tire; we will not falter; and we will not fail. Peace and freedom will prevail.”
Well we can add “Until Joe Biden wanted a photo opportunity.”

Let me point out one more thing and reason why I doubt you so much Mr. President.
You have been in Washington for over 50 years. Claim to be the expert and on top of everything.
Well, I can’t erase the memory of you on May 19th, 2020 as you launched your campaign answering a question about China by saying:
China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man.”
You totally didn’t get it then. After all those years in Washington and serving as VP you still didn’t see the Chinese threat. How could you have been so wrong?
I think you were wrong then and you are wrong now. no matter how much you yell at me.

There are two other things I don’t understand:

1. How were you able to surround yourself with such weak leaders? They didn’t recommend this action to you, yet you keep saying they did. How could they not love their country more than you and resign?
There is no honor there. None.
I know the Congress should be all over this, but your guards, Schumer and Pelosi, are not talking hearings and exposure. Does anyone do the right thing for the nation anymore? Is party more important than nation?
The one person to show honor is Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, and he has been relieved of duty. He called out his superiors for their lack of honor.

2. The second is who are these people in polls like the one from Morning Consult today? Biden has a 47% approval, versus 49% disapproval. This is in line with the Real Clear Politics Average of 46% approval vs 49% disapproval.
Who are these 47%? I realize it is mostly Democrats, but aren’t we all Americans first? Does it mean if you bankrupt the nation and give people free stuff that people won’t care what happens to the nation?
If that’s true, then the end is near for this democracy.

Pray for our nation and children’s future.

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