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With the emphasis on the failure of Afghanistan the past few days a lot of issues were set aside. Let’s review a few and then turn back to that.

Like, did you know that Sunday the price of a postage stamp went up three cents to fifty-eight cents? If you are surprised you’re not alone.
You see with “forever” stamps it is easy to quietly raise prices. Like the EZ Pass toll boxes people have in their cars, they have no idea what roads cost anymore and it is far easier to quietly raise prices.

How about this story that got no coverage:
North Korea appears to have resumed operation of its plutonium-producing reactor at Yongbyon, a move that could enable the country to expand its nuclear-weapons arsenal.
Isn’t this a story that in another week that would be all over the news, especially under a Republican President?
Next question, would this have happened if Afghanistan hadn’t?

This story out of California should have been covered. As we brought 13 heroes home and twenty others were in the hospital this teacher took this stand. She instructed her students to pledge allegiance to a gay pride flag after she removed the American Flag from her classroom because it made her uncomfortable.
Well I for one am tired of this. I was tolerating things until I saw once again fellow citizens coming home in a box covered by a flag. Enough.
I know many of you agree.

Meanwhile, the House Committee investigating Jan. 6th had no comments last week on Afghanistan but did take the time to put out statements on their committee work and plans to subpoena Trump supporters.
You can’t be serious.
In this week of pain how about dropping politics and finding out what went wrong with the withdrawals that did cost us lives. Just because it wan’t yours doesn’t mean it can be ignored.

in fact, you can start today to determine who lied. Was the President warned what was going to happen as the intelligence people say; or did he not follow their advice?
Were the Generals that wrong, or did the President say you can have 2,500 troops only, choose what airport you want?
We want to know. The families, friends and citizens of the nation deserve to know.

Who owns responsibility for the stash of weapons the Taliban now owns and will end up in China, Russia, Iran and with terrorists in the country? (2,000 armored vehicles, 60 Blackhawk Helicopters, 20 Aircraft among others)
Do you, Congress, have the integrity, honesty and political courage to answer these questions?
For the record: I don’t think you do on any of those character traits.

And if you ever get the courage to do this, answer this one too. A WSJ report said that:
“Russian President Vladimir Putin, during the June meeting with President Biden, objected to any role for American forces in Central Asian countries undercutting U.S. plans to act against new terrorist dangers after its Afghanistan withdrawal.”

Did Putin tell our President “nyet”? What did he say back? Did he just cower?

On Afganistan

We left a day early. I’m grateful we escaped with no additional loss of any precious soldiers life.
I feel bad hearing we left behind some citizens and some who helped and were promised passage. That is alien to every thing I knew or learned of and in the military. No man left behind was the message. The times have changed. Now we’ll see how events unfold into the future. Stay vigilant.

The President asked this question:
“What interest do we have in Afghanistan at this point, with al Qaeda gone?”
Well, Mr. President, your first answer was the deaths and maiming by the suicide bomber of our citizens and hundreds of Afghans.
You saw them unloading some other parents’ sons and daughters (as you talk of yours) in caskets.
You know there are hundreds more already near the airport in Afghanistan. They were sons and daughters too.
You will be getting many more (death) answers as we proceed and learn how many perish in that country and witness acts that come of the country.
How could you make that statement and ask that question?

Here’s an early poll on what the world thinks of us these days. You know. the people you told America is back. If declining belief in our nation is back you are doing great.

What are we back to in your first seven months?

On The Border

Here’s a few facts that tell the whole story.
In the first seven months of the Biden presidency, more than 1 million people have been stopped crossing our southern border, and a substantial number of additional people have entered illegally without being noticed officially by the federal government.
Rachel Peterson of Gingrich 360 translated the growing influx of people in the county illegally into city sizes. Imagine if the Biden administration had a plan to import a city a month of people in the country illegally.  
Here are their first seven cities:
 In January, 78,442 people came into the country illegally. This is the same size as New Rochelle, New York.
For February, 101,095 people crossed, the same as the population of San Angelo, Texas.
In March, 173,265 people crossed illegally, the population of Salem, Oregon.
In April, 178,850 people illegally entered the country, or the population of Newport News, Virginia.
In May, 180,641 people came in, equaling the population of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
In June, 188,829 people entered, or the same as the population of Knoxville, Tennessee.
In July, 210,000 people came in illegally, the same number of people living in Birmingham, Alabama.

Now consider this story that you won’t hear about.
The number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. fell by 440,000 over the first three years of the Trump administration, from 2016 to 2019, according to new estimates released last week.
The drop was driven by a major change in migration patterns, with many Mexicans, traditionally the largest nationality among the unauthorized population, actually returning to their home country.
Central Americans have steadily increased, as have Asian illegal immigrants, but not enough to offset the outflow of Mexicans, CMS said. 
Over the three years, 1.75 million new illegal immigrants arrived — but 2.19 million left the population.

Pray for our warriors as we leave Afghanistan, the families who lost someone and for those we left behind.

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  1. Well it’s over,,,bidens fiasco has come to an end,,,when I heard of the 13 brave Men and Women of our Armed Forces that were killed,,I literally broke out in tears shouting NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!!,,my heart goes out to those New GOLD STAR FAMILIES,,,a CRYING SHAME !!!!..

    It’s unbelievable whats going on in this great country of ours,,,like I said before I refuse to go into mentioning,or trying to debate what goes on in the world with this TOTALLY DEAD-HEAD,INCOMPETENT biden ADMINISTRATION with the LOSS OF LIFE and problems they are causing,,they all have to be held accountable !!!!…

    Our Southern border is still open,,and now we have over 100,000 Afghans that have not been vetted properly,,,,,

    GOD PLEASE LOOK OVER US and help us to protect ourselves…

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