Not Much More To Add

Seeing the pictures, reading their stories and feeling the pain of their deaths leaves little else to say. Since Thursday we have lived in hope there is no repeat, while unable to ease the memory of what did occur. With an average age of only 22 we lost thirteen fellow citizens willing to take the fight up for us. Some were barely born before the mission began twenty years ago.

Now we prepare to exit this terrorist haven. What does the future hold for the area?
The bet here is that internal strife develops with three constitutes. The Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS K. They will vie for control and attempt to bring their view to lead the nation. No matter who prevails they will not be a friend of the U.S.
One (The Taliban) supported the terrorist development in the nation before and is now emboldened that they can defeat the U.S.
The second (Al Qaeda) has long been dedicated to harming our nation, people and interests. With some of their leaders still in our prisons watch what they will do as time unfolds to get them free.
The third (ISIS K) wants to destroy, at any price, anything American and takes delight in doing it and in the most brutal fashion possible.

The question, thus, is this. How do we think abandoning the country now will work out three and four years down the road? Does any sensible person think these groups have changed their goals or ways? Does anyone not understand that the manner in which we are departing is fuel for their thoughts that they will own the future?

Watching the Sunday shows just added to my dismay. Do Secretary of State Blinken and National Security Advisor Sullivan really believe that the Taliban will be different? They both argued that we will be able to continue saving our citizens and those who assisted us after we leave because the Taliban will help. “They changed” saying of the Taliban.
Oh really? Do you believe that?
Then how come people were beaten and prevented from getting to the airport now? How come one of their leaders when interviewed this week said there is “no proof” that Bin Laden was behind the September 11th attack. Thus, he said, everything that has happened since then has been illegal.
Does that sound like a reformed Taliban to you?
Realize too that the Taliban, if it is possible, is less radical than Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Where Are The Principled?

Where are the principled people in this administration?
I seem to recall whenever President Trump (who is not without blame in all this) made a decision there were people speaking up, resigning, writing articles and books.
Where are they here?
Defense Secretary Austin has 13 bodies in caskets returned and 18 more severely wounded in hospitals. Did you recommend this action? If you did, you should resign. If you didn’t and the President didn’t listen, you should resign.

Generals Milley and McKenzie, how about you? Did you both support our troops to be sitting ducks at the airport? Your uninspiring leadership combined with either bad judgement or ability to convince the President should see you both gone.
In what part of your training were you taught that your soldiers can be in an area without a perimeter? In my personal experience a perimeter was a must to protect the interior. How did you allow this? If you say you trusted our sworn enemy to protect our troops, then look at the pictures of the 13 and quit today.

Another question on this.
We disciplined one soldier who was relieved of command because he spoke up demanding accountability for those above him. I understand your actions to do this in a matter of minutes after he spoke. It is military code, I get it.
So how come you didn’t take action against another Lt. Colonel who released classified information about a telephone call Donald Trump had? Why was Lt. Col. Vindman allowed to stay in his roll and retire on his own later? Can someone explain the double standard?

And where are the mouths from congress?
Nancy Pelosi, after calling the President’s action brilliant, has been silent. Hold a hearing? No way. She brought congress back to vote to spend $3.5 trillion more and went home. The mouth that roared for years is quiet. Why? Is politics more important to her than the lives of our young soldiers?

What about Majority Leader Schumer? The man who never saw a microphone he didn’t have something to say into, is where now?

Ask these leaders if they would have sent their son or daughter to stand on that wall in the manner we sent these troops.

Leadership has failed us, told us untruths, and I can only hope the American people are smart enough to figure this out.

Some Final Thoughts Today

I am a great supporter and believer in our military and warriors who serve in it. Our nation has been blessed with young men and now woman who are willing to risk their lives so freedom can reign. They have joined at young ages, and if you walk among the grave-sites at Normandy, Belgium or Arlington you can see how young. We just added thirteen more to a hallowed list and we did so on the run out of a country. Never again, I say, Never Again. If you are going to send warriors to fight you better back them, support them and provide them the best chance to come home. What we did here is a failure.

Pray for our military personnel and thank God for their service.

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