The Questions…

After Watching and Reading All Weekend

I come away with questions that still baffle me on the whole Afghanistan fiasco.

1. Who gave the order and who thought it was smart and right to start with a withdrawal with the protectors first?
Did anyone in the room say “Wait, that’s backwards?”
Did anyone, the Generals included, not think to start with American citizens, the Afghan helpers and the weapons before the warriors?
How in the world could people in the positions they are, even if they wanted to end our entanglement, leave the weapons they did behind?
Didn’t they realize some of our latest technology would end up in the hands of the Chinese, Iranians and Russians?
How was this possible?

2. Why is it every time one of the leaders gives a press conference and gets how or why questions they answer in one of two ways:

A. “There will be plenty of time later for that.”
No, now there is plenty of time in your question and answer to provide an explanation. Every so called leader from the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, The General and Press Leaders in their departments have used this line. They need to stop, we want and deserve to know how this debacle occurred.

B. “You have to go to … for that answer.”
The other diversionary tactic they all use on the tough questions is that they “don’t know or can’t answer that question and they should go ….” They send the question and issue back by not answering and telling people to go to another department that won’t answer.
Well we want answers from all of you.

3. Who is going to pay the price for this mess?
Who is going to show dignity and resign first? Who has the class to do so?
Who is going to be relieved of their role first? Who will be made to walk the plank?
There are five candidates I can name who if all were gone wouldn’t be too soon for me.

August 10, 1949

Why am I listing that date?
Well it was on that date that we changed a name that had existed since 1789. You see we had created a Department of War, following the Revolutionary War that guided us through national wars all the way through WWII. Think about that. All those wars that we fought and won to build the greatest nation on earth.

In August 1949 we changed and created the Department of Defense. That department has led us through Korea, Vietnam and up to Afghanistan.

Now maybe its just a name thing, War and Defense, but haven’t the outcomes been different since the change?

Have A Great Day.

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