Wrapping Up The Week

Closing Out Frustrations of A Week

If the week wasn’t frustrating enough for the actions and avoidance of answering questions we had to sit through “an interview” by George Stephanopoulos.
The administration that promised “full transparency” decides the best single person to ask them anything is the former Clinton Chief of Staff. The man whose family promised to leave America if Donald Trump won. The man whose daughters couldn’t sleep in their beds after he did. Now a whole country’s daughters are about to be denied a chance, I wonder how they feel? He’s not saying now.

We didn’t find out anything in the interview. George, as usual, had his kid gloves on for his fellow Democrat.
Want examples?
Why didn’t George ask why we did military first and not citizens, equipment, and friends?
How did he decide the reverse is better? George wasn’t curious.

Why didn’t George call him on his statement that Afghanistan would never be Saigon like? If it were a Republican wouldn’t George have brought pictures showing it Saigon on Steroids? What happened here? When was the last time a President was so wrong? Not important to George.

When the President said “no one is being killed” why didn’t George call him on it? He knew people had died and more were dying each day. Why did Biden get away with that? George talks about Jan. 6th as if many died, and that isn’t true. Here they are actually dying, but nothing? Why George?

When George mentioned the 640 people on the transport plane, the President said that “was four days ago.” George, let it go. First of all, the interview was Wednesday, the picture was Monday. Allowing dismissal as if time had corrected the situation was a ploy George allowed. Where was the arrogant George tone, Mr. President that was two days ago? What if someone said George, Jan. 6th was seven months ago?

Add this, two days or four days, it’s the same illustration. How does that plane show the orderly evacuation that the President claimed? George let him off the hook.

If the press wants to tell you this is transparency, don’t accept it. It was a friend letting a friend off easily.

The Other Person I Have Had Enough Of Is

General Milley. He lied and mislead in his press briefing and thinks he put it over the people.
You didn’t all of us, General.
You can go back to apologizing for “your mistake” for walking to the front of the church with President Trump.
You can go back to your “woke” education you proudly mentioned a few weeks ago.
You can do that because you failed here.

You might think you put it over everyone with your constant “no one expected the Afghan government to fall in 11 days” line. I know the press never called you on it and you are proud of yourself.

You missed your military obligation and were surprised by 11 days? That was your job.
Yet, I heard Biden say he knew this would happen. He knew and you didn’t?
So General, how many days did you expect this to happen in? I know 11 surprised you, was it 12, 13, how far off were you off?
You should resign in embarrassment over your failure to identity the issue and do an orderly withdrawal.

Your other answer.
“Now is not the time” to assess the situation was another deflection.
Why not now?
Our nation is embarrassed, our allies are angry, our troops demoralized, our people broken.
Now is as good as any time. You own this failure and we want the answers now.

Finally Let’s Close The Week With

This question and answer in the above mentioned ABC interview. As you view, think how poorly this entire action was done. Think how England has condemned our actions. How the Afghan people are and will die. How we left behind equipment, people and supporters.
George asked:
“You don’t think this could have been handled — this exit could have been handled better in any way, no mistakes?”
“No, I don’t think it could have been handled in a way that, we’re gonna go back in hindsight and look — but the idea that somehow, there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, I don’t know how that happens.”

81 Million of us voted for this. In 2022 we get a chance to decide if the direction and leadership are right.

Have A Great Weekend. Register To Vote. Your Vote counts.

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  1. What’s being written in this blog,,and the very simple response’s that I have made,,,I ASK THE READERS,,,” IS IT POSSIBLE THAT WHAT WE WRITE IN THIS BLOG,AND THE PEOPLE THAT READ IT DON”T ALREADY KNOW THE CONTENTS, AND WHAT SIMPLY HAS TO BE DONE ???
    ???????????? “,,,,,
    Listening to the news, regardless of channel,,,interviewing the politicians(DEAD-HEADS),,,is just totally disgusting and very aggravating to say the least,,,like I have already mentioned prior,PATIENCE right now is our only option till the upcoming mid-terms where we better make sure from NOW that we take back both houses,,,then the White House in 2024 and make sure we never loose it again….

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