One week…


Let’s start with Afghanistan and the incredible events of the past week. With that let’s state outright that we have seen failed leadership from the President on this.

He can try all he wants to blame the previous administration, but Mr. President, the buck stops with YOU. Ask a former Democratic President who established that, when people still stood for their decisions.

YOU are the President. YOU failed here as every statement you made was counter to the events that unfolded. YOU were wrong on every statement. YOU were wrong to not even address this with the public, as both you and your VP were nowhere to be seen or heard this weekend.

YOU were in office when this war began. YOU voted for it. YOU were VP when Bin Laden was taken out, and the only one in the room to vote not to do it. YOU were VP or President for 9 of the last 13 years. How dare you blame someone else.

What you did in this crisis has given credence to Secretary Gates’ (Under Bush and Obama) statement that YOU “were wrong in every foreign policy issue for the past 40 years.”

Aren’t you embarrassed to even try and blame Donald Trump? His policy? Come on, Man.

How come you changed his border policy on day one? A border policy that was working. How come you undid everything he did, but not this? You are lucky, as always, that the media will allow you to get away with that ludicrous statement. But you won’t get away with it with me.

YOU failed here. YOU are lying here. Your failures on the border and here in five months has you in the running to earn an honor I hoped to never see. A new worst President of my lifetime. After five months I am beginning to mention you in the same sentence as President James Earl Carter.
Let me warn you, the press was on his side too. They voted for him over Ronald Reagan. All that did was give Reagan 44 states in that election, and 49 in the next, when the press voted for your friend Walter Mondale.

By the way, was it Donald Trump who told you to say we would never have to helicopter people out? That the Taliban would not take over the country? That you would protect the people who helped us?
When we see their heads cut off, YOU own that.

YOUR failed leadership here will have ramifications across the globe for decades to come.
You think Taiwan is more secure now? You think the middle east is more secure? You think China and Russia are less emboldened, or more? You think our nation is safer now or more open to terrorism? You still think your false words at the G7 that America was back is believed? You probably do because you are delusional. Those leaders are looking at you and shaking their heads. They see weakness.

Remember, too, your policy was so ill conceived you had planned September 11th as the date we depart Afghanistan. Can you imagine that? Luckily public outrage over that date forced a change, but it illustrates so well your failed leadership.

Finally, on this Mr President and Mrs V.P., YOU own the rebirth of Al Queda and ISIS. They will both thrive in Afghanistan, because they all know you are not going back. The blood of those impacted by what they will do is on your hands. I know you think Jan. 6th was the worst day, but you watch.


While we were gone he announced he was leaving. Oh yeah, he’s doing it for the people because the charges are false and he would win a trial.
Yeah, right.
But then again, he’s a Democrat and you can fool some of the people sometimes and many of them all the time.


One more frustration I want to address. The President urged Opec to produce more oil in this key period to drive costs down.
This is such failed leadership on so many scores.
First of all, why did you shut down U.S. production? For the first time in half a century we were energy independent and prices were declining. YOU put us back in the need to beg OPEC. I didn’t understand it then and knew what would happen, why didn’t you?

Second, why do they want to drop prices? They know you cut back and in a free market you need them. Why in the world would they increase production to see prices drop? In what universe do you live?

Third, you are committed to putting them out of business with electric cars in 5 years. So now they should cut prices?

Fourth, the media used to point out how rising gas prices impacted everything and drove costs up for the poor. The same poor you say you care so much for and are willing to drive America into debt for. How do you justify that?

Are you and your team really that delusional? You are so Woke spending money here, you don’t understand work and free markets.

Let’s see now.
Gas problems with the middle east. Failed foreign policy with terrorists. Inflation on the rise. Rising prices. Decreased military spending….. Yup, I remember that, President Carter, in the late 1970’s. YOU just accomplished it faster.


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