You Don’t Need A Ticket – But It’s A Show

Editors Note: We will be taking a short break this week to enjoy some summer fun.

Does Any Personal Responsibility Exist?

Let’s see, first we decided to provide extended and increased unemployment, that in some cases provided individuals more to stay home than work.
Then we decided to mail checks to homes to cover costs, increased by the number of children.
Then we said to landlords, you can’t evict anyone for non payment no matter how long they haven’t paid. Now we added an extended pause on federal student loan payments through Jan. 31, 2022. Oh, and don’t worry, during the pause no interest will accrue on their balance.

Which raises the question, does anyone in America have responsibility for their own actions anymore? (Outside, of course, of those who were in Washington DC on Jan. 6th?)

Could They Be A Bigger Joke?

Get this, the Democrats who fled Texas are suing the Governor and Texas Republicans for their hardship. Wait now, they fled, they are getting paid, they stayed in a DC hotel and are not home doing their job, but they are suing?
If you need more proof than this to vote in 2022 to change the direction of this nation then you are part of the problem.

The federal lawsuit filed against three Texas Republicans was filed by a Houston lawyer now practicing under a probationally suspended license. He himself has had major issues in the state, giving their suit even more mockness.
Here’s a report in todays Washington Times Newspaper:
“Now the same group [is] filing a lawsuit by an attorney that apparently has his law license suspended, didn’t get the speaker’s name right, and [is] suing for a couple of bucks. They’re just showing how idiotic this whole adventure has been for them, and their credibility just disappears day by day by day. The nine-page document  seeks a temporary restraining order to stop Texas Gov. Greg Abbott from arresting the Democrats and hauling them back to the House chamber on the grounds that the move violates their constitutional rights.”

Remember, there are fellow citizens and many MSM outlets who see these legislators as heroes.

Is She For Real?

Is Cori Bush for real?
Yesterday she doubled down on protection for herself but defunding the police stance. If anyone has created more ad material for the opposition in 2022 than her I don’t who it is. Which is saying a lot.

Her comments have Democrats very concerned.  Here’s one off the record comment:
“Every time Cori Bush talks about defunding the police, she sounds more like a Republican in Washington than a Democrat with a functioning head on her shoulders, she’s done enough damage already.”

The Republican reaction has been over joy. Here’s a released statement:
“We want to thank Cori Bush for reminding everyone that Democrats are the party of Defund the Police. While violent crime ravages communities, Democrats are spending campaign dollars on private security for themselves.”

Now she’ll easily get reelected in her district, but look at this stat.
There have been 109 murders in Cori Bush’s hometown so far this year — 100 of those have been African-Americans.

Which just makes you wonder why the residents would be okay with protection for her and not them.

Never Happen In This Timeframe

President Biden on Friday put in place dual moves that will impact the auto industry and what you drive.

First, he imposed tougher fuel-efficiency standards on auto makers and challenging them to drastically ramp up sales of electric vehicles by 2030. 
The EPA proposed new rules would require auto makers to achieve a fleetwide average fuel-efficiency equivalent of 52 miles per gallon by the 2026 model year.
He then signed an executive order setting a target for electric vehicles, hydrogen-fuel cell and plug-in hybrid vehicles to make up 50% of U.S. sales by 2030.

Thus, he has automakers going in a dual direction here. Both will be costly, and who do you think will pay the bill?

Now separately, there has to be spending programs to build vehicle charging stations and battery production, development and recycling plants. Who is going to pay that bill?

Since the 2022 models are being introduced now, does anyone see this happening by 2026 and 2030?

Oh yea, on paying. Did you know this?
The President’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure package includes a pilot program for a national mile-driven tax. You know, the program that would tax drivers for the number of miles they travel. A tax per mile. See much coverage of this? Do you think they’ll cancel the gasoline tax for this or add it on?

And by the way, how does a mileage tax not defy the President’s promise not to raise taxes on anyone earning under $400K?

Is This As Ironic As It Gets?

Just a question to think about. A year ago, and throughout the entire Covid period, who did the MSM use as props for Governors who got it right? In my memory it was Cuomo and Newsom. New York and California.

Isn’t it ironic that one appears to be on the verge of resigning or being impeached and the other is under a recall that is increasingly tightening?

Just A Final Thank You

We lost a hero warrior at the end of last week and I want to recognize him and say thank you one more time. He passed at age 102. God rest his soul.
In 1945, Col. Dave Severance sent U.S. Marines to the top of Mount Suribachi on the island of Iwo Jima to plant a flag. The moment, captured in a photograph, remains an enduring image of American courage, fortitude, success and sacrifice.


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