Politics Can Be Tough

Down Goes Cuomo

The Governor can try and hold on, but he is finally done. He may not get prosecuted for the nursing home scandal, and he won’t likely be prosecuted here, but his career is done for now. He was ahead in the polls for reelection, but this is not recoverable. So, like his Dad, it’s three (terms) and out.

The liberal hero of the virus is slain. In fact he’s the third straight Governor of NY to face sexual charges.

The President Gets His 70%

The U.S. reached President Joe Biden’s goal of getting at least one COVID-19 shot into 70 percent of American adults this week. A month late and amid a fierce surge by the delta variant that is swamping hospitals and leading to new mask rules and mandatory vaccinations around the country.
Now I continue to contend this was his first Covid goal and he failed. Coverage – zero.
Why is that other than Biden is a Democrat.

Should Evictions Be Allowed?

There’s a major battle underway on this. New Squad Member, Rep. Cori Bush, is leading a sit in on the House steps to get them back in place. She and team don’t believe any landlord should be able to evict anyone.
Now if you owned the home and still had to pay taxes and bills but the rent was not coming in, what should you do?
Of course they’re not thinking about that. After all, why reward anyone who did it right and bought real estate?
The country in polls says put evictions back in place. Watching the MSM you would think it was the opposite.

Bet You Didn’t Know This

In the President’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure package there is a boon for the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC). This is the federal agency which is responsible for promoting economic development in the 13 states that make up Appalachia. Why am I mentioning this?
You know who heads that agency?
Gayle Manchin, the wife of Sen. Joe Manchin, the key swing vote for the President’s agenda. The new funding is set to increase the agency’s federal budget by more than 50% annually.

The Root Causes

The Vice President has been quiet the past week to ten days, hasn’t she?
Even with the release of her report on the “Root Causes” causing immigration, you didn’t hear much about it from her or the press, right?
You know why? There isn’t much to it.

In fact, it was so quiet maybe you didn’t know it included a blueprint for managing migration from Mexico and Central America. It promised a broad international coalition committed to nation-building to improve conditions in key countries, matched with more legal avenues for migrants to reach the U.S.

The goal, officials said, is to try to give people who want to stay in their home nations reasons to do so — but also to make it easier for those who want to leave to get to the U.S., and other countries, legally. “We’re not seeking to end migration,” a senior administration official said. “We’re seeking to change the ways in which people migrate.”

To accomplish this the “Migration Strategy” vowed to tackle most of the major issues in the region, from combatting corruption to whittling the dominance of violent gangs to promoting economic investments that can create more jobs and higher standards of living. But for those who want to leave, the administration is promising new ways to reach other countries legally, including new work-based visas and humanitarian protection programs here in the U.S.

They said they will set up offices in Central American nations where people looking to leave the region can go to learn about legal pathways out.
I see, so that’s the plan. Make it easier to leave and migrate. No doubt the countries allowing offices will encourage their best and brightest to leave.

You know what was missing from this report? Not a word on the border and how to make it more secure or how to address a continued growing problem.

You and I know the root cause today. The Biden/Harris border messaging and policy.

While On This Subject

The President is supporting a push to add a major amnesty for illegal immigrants into Democrats’ budget proposal. He didn’t say exactly what the proposal would be, though he has called for a legalization that could apply to all 11 million estimated illegal immigrants in the country. There are also slimmer proposals to legalize 4 million farm workers, “Dreamers” and others here under temporary protections.
Interesting to take this position when the southern border is in chaos, with unprecedented surges of illegal immigrant children, families and single adults.
You can only do that as long as the press is on your side and has you protected.

They Didn’t Report This Either

Read this knowing how much the left (and liberal press) wants us back in the Iranian Nuclear Agreement.

Two weeks ago a small-scale demonstration over water shortages broke out in a remote province, but like other Iranian protests in recent years, the outburst has spread to several major cities with large crowds calling for the downfall of the Iranian regime and chants of “Death to the dictator.”  

What has been unfolding since looks increasingly like a repeat of what occurred in 2017, in 2018 and in 2019, when protests over economic hardship and high fuel prices ultimately exploded into wide-scale uprisings against the country’s authoritarian and theocratic regime before they were violently suppressed.

Now, with a newly elected hardliner, President-elect Ebrahim Raisi set to formally take office, the bigger question is whether the latest jolt of domestic popular anger will be strong enough to shake the foundations of the increasingly stressed Islamic system.  

On the other side is what will the Biden administration do? Support the freedom movement or stay silent because they want back into the Nuclear deal. Have you heard anything yet?

Finally It’s Always Trump’s Fault

Axios published its poll on whose at fault for the Delta Variation of the Virus. Right after the Unvaccinated is Donald Trump. It’s his fault. Can you believe that? Notice they didn’t give China as a choice. Why give the real source as a choice when you can blame Donald Trump?

Here’s the chart:


1 thought on “Politics Can Be Tough”

  1. I’m tired of listening to what ALL sides have to say about the COVID VIRUS,,,if what is being presented to us by the media is TRUE about the VIRUS,the VACCINES and what they can do,,,then its up to each individual to assume the responsibility and make the decisions that have to be made based on everyone’s own personal beliefs….END OF STORY,,,

    I refuse to academically discuss with whats going on today in this GREAT COUNTRY of ours and putting/making a political NARRATIVE on issue’s that should have been solved and never actually have happened !!!..I simply refuse to do what these incompetent politicians of ours are doing today,,,TALK/POINT/TALK/POINT,,,THIS GUY DID IT/THAT GUY DID IT……no more B.S….

    WAKE -UP TRUE AMERICANS AND SMELL THE SO CALLED COFFEE !!!!!!!!,,and for those of you who have distaste/hate/and ridicule for the great U.S.ofA.,,,THEN LEAVE IT and go back to either where you came from or to the countries that you so call admire..

    Now can someone tell me what the HELL is going on with whats going to be done with our OPEN SOUTHERN BORDER ???? !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When is the MEDIA TALK going to stop ????.
    When is sleepy joe going to wake up and GROW A PAIR,and stop the INVITE,,???????????????????????
    When is it SIMPLY going to be CLOSED ????????????..

    I’m up in my years,but NOT ONLY if called upon,,but I WOULD GLADLY VOLUNTEER,,,bring my trusty M and stand guard on the Southern Border of this great country of ours and enforce the immigration laws,AND A WHOLE LOT MORE,,,, that this current administration has TOTALLY IGNORED !!!!!!!
    W.T.F. IS GOING ON ???????????????????

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