For Me It’s Outrage…


Readers know I consider the hearing begun yesterday on the Jan. 6th riot at the Capital is a sham. I see this as Pelosi and the liberal MSM playing off the day, while they completely disregard the riots, looting, murders and impact from the summer riots in our cities.
I ask again, why is one more important than the other? One person died in Washington, a Trump supporter, shot by authorities. No building burned. No businesses destroyed.
Other than that this was close to them, why is it so different it needs a hearing and full time television cable? Why are congressmen crying over this as they talk to police while they did nothing as police were defunded, abused, spit on, had urine thrown on them and feces at them? This hearing angers me for the sham it is.

Here’s how one liberal site wrote up the day.

“Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) warned at the start of Tuesday’s Jan. 6 committee hearing that a ‘cancer’ will remain in America unless everyone involved in the planning of the Capitol attack is called to testify and held accountable.” 

As the House’s Jan. 6 committee opened its hearings, carried live on TV around the world, four officers gave raw, emotional testimony that was shocking even to people who had closely followed coverage of the riot.
Here’s what the officers said:
D.C. Police Officer Daniel Hodges: “The sea of people was punctuated throughout by flags — mostly variations of American flags and Trump flags. … I saw the Christian flag directly to my front, and another had ‘Jesus is my savior, Trump is my president.'” 
D.C. Police Officer Michael Fanone said he was “grabbed, beaten, tased, all while being called a traitor to my country.” 
Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonellan Army veteran who served in Iraq, said on Jan. 6 he was “more afraid to work at the Capitol than in my entire deployment.” 
“The rioters called me traitor, a disgrace, and shouted that I, an Army veteran and a police officer, should be executed.
“Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, a Black man, said several rioters called him a “f–king n—–” after he said he voted for President Biden in response to protesters claiming no one voted for him. Dunn said he continues to get counseling: “Jan. 6 still isn’t over for me.”
Is all this deplorable and wrong? Of course it is. We all condemn it and condemn any part any politician, including former President Trump played in it occurring.
However, it was no different and in fact less, than the police had to face in the riots over the summer. Where were these liberals then? Where was the police support? Where was the outrage? They did the opposite. They supported defunding and condemning police. How dare they think when it’s their house it matters, but not when it’s yours or mine.
I condemn them and this sham hearing. They all matter, and every politician who incited one or failed to condemn one should be held accountable by the voters.
The problem, as always, is the media will cover this as if Jan. 6th was the only problem. You see it’s like that old saying. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. For the media, the people of Jan. 6th were the terrorists and the people of the summer were freedom fighters.
For me they were both terrorists, and if presented fairly I know most Americans would agree.


Last week Governor Newsom insisted that crime in California was going down. Yup, that’s why they’re losing population for the first time in their history. Everything is great in California, Governor.
Back to Boxer. A liberal senator for 24 years, she purposefully walked on a “quiet street” so she could concentrate on a work call.
The driver of the car jumped out and started to come at me and come behind me,” she said.
“When I saw the guy coming out of the car, coming at me, I started to run away across the street. And he shoved me really, really hard on the shoulder with one hand, and with the other, he put it around my waist and grabbed my phone.”
“He ran toward the car I was standing and shaking and I just said to them, ‘Why would you do that to a grandmother? I need to call my grandkids.”
“He jumped in the car and sped away.”
Poor Barbara Boxer, the mugger did not care she was elderly and had grandchildren. Well when they find him, and they will, after all her mugging is more important than if it were you or I, she will learn he has a long record. He was in the street because of policies she supported. Will that change here attitude?
Of course not. She told The LA Times that the narrative that Democratic politicians want to defund police is “a false flag. It’s just untrue.”
Really, Senator? Who are those politicians masquerading as Democrats then?


Every reader here is well aware of bias of social media sites. How they bar users from the right and are protected by law. Well here’s a little chart on campaign contributions that will tell you all you need to know: It needs no comment from me.

Political Donations by Corporate PACs, Employees and CEOs, 2020

                                          Amount     % to Dems    Repubs

Google/Alphabet              $21 million           80%        7%

Microsoft                          $17 million           75%       14%

Amazon                           $9 million             70%        14%

Facebook                        $6 million              80%        10%

Apple                              $6 million              80%           4%

Netflix                              $7 million              80%         10%


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  1. C P Tyborowski

    Cancel Culture Canceling Student Loan Debt- It’s estimated that there is about $1.9 trillion in student loan debt. The solutions brought forth by the left run the spectrum, from forgiving all, to Warren and Schumer’s cancel $50k, to Biden’s latest of forgiving $10k.
    Obviously in the end it’s the taxpayers that foot the bill in these scenarios- you get the privilege to pay for someone else’s child to go to college- whether yours did or not. .
    You’re telling those families that worked multiple jobs and bore other sacrifices to pay for their kids to go to a state school “too bad”. They should have bought that boat or vacation place and have their kids pile on the debt to go to that private college- because your tax paying neighbor will be helping foot the bill.
    Or foolish you, the kid who joined the service , in part for the college benefits of the G.I. Bill. You could have borrowed the money, stayed home, and avoid being shot at- (unless you live in a major city).
    Though it is a crisis and severe burden on those new to the workforce, there are more equitable solutions than forgiveness. But that would take a little thought and not be as much a headline for a pol to pander to the cancel culture.
    For example, An offshoot of the student loan payment crisis is a potential retirement savings crisis- that 40+ year funding period. If you can barely afford to pay the loan then most likely you’re not saving for retirement. A simple solution would be allow for individuals or their spouse’s 401k monies to be withdrawn tax free to make student loan payments. An individual would benefit from maximizing their pre-tax contribution, which would max out the employer’s matching contribution and the loan payment would be in pre-tax dollars. It also creates a “retirement savings mindset” that is sorely needed. Variations could include capping the annual withdrawal at the level of 12 months of payments and if our fine legislators absolutely needed to give something, have them match the employers contribution for a time specific period- i.e. 5 yrs.
    But I guess that is not as simple or appealing as FREE. Oh well.

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