A Few More Surprises…


So Disney owns the liberal ABC. They own the ever politically correct and left leaning ESPN. They cancelled police shows on A&E, as you remember (Live PD), despite their number one ranking. Now comes this story today:
The Walt Disney Company was born and thrived for decades in California. But now the business environment there is so toxic it’s relocating 2,000 jobs to Florida, which actually wants employers to succeed.  Josh D’Amaro, the chairman of Disney’s 60,000 employee Parks division, told employees it will be building a new campus in Florida, which he noted has “a business-friendly climate” and a “lower cost of living with no state income tax.”   Disney CEO Bob Chapek fumed for months at California Governor Gavin Newsom’s “arbitrary” lockdown restrictions which kept Disneyland in Anaheim closed for a year while Disney’s Florida theme parks were fully functional.
How funny is that?
Hey, Disney management, what you report and support makes a difference. ABC told us all through Covid how right California was and Florida wasn’t. Remember how negative they were on the Florida Governor? Your reporters always support more spending. Now you are leaving a high tax state, why? You’re leaving behind many people you influenced — without a job.
In fact, take a look at the states and where they are with job recovery from Covid losses. Where’s California?
Newly released data from the Labor Department for the 50 state employment picture shows the job market continues to be much better in the red states. Here is a summary:

Here’s more: The unemployment rate by state. Maybe you can share this with your reporters and they can actually report what policies seem to be working:


The Minneapolis’ (radical) City Council led the nation in moving to defund its police last year. The charges and chaos against the police demoralized the department.
Crime exploded to the point that taxpayers sued the council and Mayor Jacob Frey for dereliction of duty.  
Well, now former council member Don Samuels, an African-American, has brought a lawsuit that he said was needed because children couldn’t go outside in an atmosphere where shootings, carjackings, and murders had skyrocketed.  
He has charged that the number of police officers being deployed fell below the minimum thresholds required in the city’s charter. The city (hold on to your hat) argued that the plaintiffs didn’t have standing because none of them had been hit by gunfire or been the victim of a serious crime. 
The judge ordered the mayor and council to “immediately take any and all necessary action” to make sure they fund a robust police force. He found they had “failed to perform an official duty clearly imposed by law.”


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