You Have To Be Kidding…


Why is there all this noise about the infrastructure bill must be tied to another spending bill? We all want a self funded infrastructure bill, all sides. Why does the Democratic party have to hold it hostage to another multi trillion dollar bill? AOC and the left say no infrastructure bill without the other spending.
Does that make sense to anyone? The nation can’t have what it wants without the left getting something else it wants? Well, I for one don’t want the added spending. Unbelievable.

Wait now, Big Tech is working with the Biden Administration? Jen Psaki let it out yesterday. She actually said: “We (the administration) are flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.” She referred to “Voices of trusted sources.” For its part Facebook said they removed 18 million pieces of misinformation. Oh really?
Well who are the arbiters of truth? Who else is providing safe voices of truth? How much false Russian Hoax stories did they remove? Who told Facebook that the NY Post was wrong, because they lied.
If you didn’t think Big Tech needs regulation, you better rethink that position now. It’s a short walk from the administration (government) truth and approving what is to be shared to lost freedom.

What? The Arkansas Law School in Little Rock has created a distinguished teaching chair at the state’s law school to be named for former President Bill Clinton.
Think about that for a second. Bill Clinton was disbarred in the state for lying under oath as a lawyer. Maybe that’s White Privilege — or is it just Democratic Privilege?

The NFL is going to play the Black National Anthem before games? We have one National Anthem, it’s the Star Spangled Banner. What is this? Are they trying to turn people off? Divide the country? Where does this come from?

Put this in the you can’t possibly make it up column. This administration, through the Secretary of State, has asked the United Nations to investigate racism in the United States. Read that again.
Then consider this, the committee to investigate includes Cuba, China and Russia. Read that again.
Can you believe or even imagine that? Cuba is arresting and killing people as you read this. China has in-prisoned millions they say. Try protesting against Putin in Russia and see how you are quickly eliminated.
This administration and Secretary of State thinks it’s a good idea for them to investigate us.
I guess he thinks if they do, then they will let the UN investigate them. Who other than him is that naive? Ridiculous and embarrassing if you ask me.

Oh now you think so? The head of the World Health Organization acknowledged that the U.N. agency was premature in ruling out a potential link between the COVID-19 pandemic and a Chinese laboratory leak. Does that mean when President Trump cut off your payments he was right? He did so saying you failed to do your job. Where is the MSM saying they were wrong and Trump was right?

Does the press still think they are not Marxists? Black Lives Matter reacted to the Cuban pro freedom demonstrations by praising the communist Cuban regime. That’s the government that oppresses its own people. Then they blamed the United States for the current unrest.
I wonder if all those athletes wearing the BLM shirts know this and how they feel about it. Then again they might agree. Well last I looked, we had no walls keeping people in and I am sure Cuba will open their walls to let them in.

Oh, catching up are we? Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell concluding two days of testimony said recent inflation is uncomfortably above the levels the central bank seek. He was also somewhat less confident about the economic outlook and the Fed’s policy path than earlier this year.
How can he be surprised by inflation when you aren’t? Mr. Powell, instead of worrying about getting reappointed how about speaking up to the administration on its spending polices?

The WSJ today had this story: Efforts to firm up a roughly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure agreement before an initial vote next week have been snarled by disagreements over expanding the Internal Revenue Service. Lawmakers and aides said the group that negotiated the deal may abandon an effort to raise revenue through enhanced enforcement at the agency. That would mean they’d have to find alternative ways to cover the full cost of the spending.
Oh wait, I thought it was so easy to find fraud, according to the President. Here’s a secret I told you a long time ago. You want to raise taxes on the rich really? You don’t need more IRS agents, you need to take away the deductions they use. Very simple.


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