We Keep Spending…

President Biden today touted the first distribution of the first child care payments as a tax cut.
Well this new spending, which is unfunded despite what he said, is not a tax cut.
Well 74% of the people receiving it pay no taxes. How do you cut what you don’t pay?
The impact goes even beyond that:
Today we added more deficit burdening to our children and grandchildren. A debt they can’t repay.
Second, with inflation clear we are throwing more money into the market. What do you think that will do? It will add to the inflation growth.
Finally, ask yourself, does our economy need more stimulus right now? I don’t think so.
We need more people going back to work, driving the economy, producing goods and reducing the deficit.

You know that our entitlement programs alone are on a course to bankrupt the country. Medicare and Medicaid already have a long term deficit of more than $55 trillion (Truth in Accounting). So what is this administration proposing to do?
If you said “to vastly expand them” you would be correct.
This administration in six months is making FDR’s “New Deal” and LBJ’s “Great Society” look like paupers.
The MSM is not telling you this, and as stated above, it’s a bill our kids can’t pay.

Will they pay a price for this in 2022?
Every indication is they will, and it could be a big one in the House.
What will save them? If they can make the election about Donald Trump and not Joe Biden.
That will be the strategy of the left and their friends in the MSM. The problem for those who want the change is that Trump may well accommodate them by continuing to go around claiming the 2020 election was stolen.
Watch how the left and MSM maneuver to do this. They will be one.


Overdose deaths soared to a record 93,000 last year. Why did they rise by 29%?
The government blamed Covid-19. Everything bad to this government is because of Covid.
Sorry, I am not buying it.
Try taking a look at the permissive society you have created with drugs. Try looking at the laws you have relaxed, the border you have allowed to open and the pampering we do to society today. Try looking at the manner in which you have tied the hands of the police.
Try putting some personal responsibility on people and not blaming the rest of us for their issues. Try telling people they were born to much, earned nothing and because they have so much, turn to drugs. It’s not the other way around.
Maybe instead of telling them how bad the government and society is, tell them how much they owe to those who came before them.
Too long ago we stopped teaching values.

Imagine this: Illegal immigrants caught and released at the border on promises of turning themselves in to ICE later are NOT showing up.
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas assured us of a “high rate” of compliance when this began. You and I said, “Yea Right, Sure They Will.” We were right.
At best the appearance rate is less than 25%, according to data from members of Congress and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In fact, it may be much lower. 
That means thousands of illegal immigrants have defied their first orders from the Homeland Security Department and become fugitives. That bodes ill for the chances of getting them to comply with their court dates, and if they lose their cases, their deportations. Shocker!

Former President George W. Bush said Wednesday that the Biden administration’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan will result in “unbelievably bad” consequences. He said he feared how Afghan women would survive Taliban rule as armed insurgents continue to regain control of territory across northern Afghanistan. “It’s unbelievable how that society changed from the brutality of the Taliban, and all of a sudden — sadly — I’m afraid Afghan women and girls are going to suffer unspeakable harm.”
It’s a good thing Democrats care so much about woman rights.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas:
He was very clear to Cuban citizens that they should not come to the U.S.. If they do, he said, “they will be turned away.” Really?
I thought our borders were open to those facing threat and death in their countries. Aren’t these freedom rioting Cuban citizens more in threat than all those you are letting across the border these days?
Ted Cruz put it this way:
“It seems for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the only immigrants on the face of the earth that they don’t want to come to America are Cubans. That’s the only instance in which the Biden Administration is expressing a resistance to people coming here illegally.”
Can you figure this out, because I can’t.


Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said Wednesday that inflation, which has been surging as the recovery strengthens, “will likely remain elevated in coming months“ before “moderating.” 
IMO: He’s Wrong.

A prisoner advocacy group launched what it says will be a multiyear effort to convince government officials to close more than a dozen federal prisons, which they say are a waste of taxpayer money.
IMO: WRONG. We need to lock up those who break the law, even if it means building more prisons.

Remember Jeff Flake, the Republican Senator from Arizona who continually blasted President Trump? He got a job. President Biden nominated him to be ambassador to Turkey.
Surprised? You shouldn’t be. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Senate Democrats told reporters that the added $3.5 trillion spending deal that President Biden spoke of was very positive and looking good in the senate.
Wait, I thought the “Democratic Moderates” like Manchin, Sinema and Testa said “no” to any more large spending?
Here’s what they are saying now:
Sen. Manchin, who was the most vocal critic within the conference of a potential $3 trillion-plus package, told reporters that he is “open” to supporting the $3.5 trillion framework. “No comments,” he told reporters regarding how he plans to vote on a budget resolution procedural vote. “Let’s see what unfolds.”
Sen. Tester said he will vote on the motion to proceed to the bill shortly after labeling the $3.5 trillion price point a “shit-pile of dough.“ The price tag is a lot of money but it doesn’t scare me, it’s just how it’s being spent. There are plenty of needs out there, we just have to figure out how it’s being spent,” he said. 
Sen. Sinema said she plans to review it based on what’s best for Arizona rather than the potential $3.5 trillion figure, according to her staff.

So folks, when they tell you they are bipartisan, I remind you to look at their record. Are they “bipartisan” when they have to stand alone? Parties matter to these people. Your vote counts, make sure you vote your values, because when it matters, you need them to stand for you.


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