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Surprise: Inflation is rearing its head.
The numbers released this morning showed inflation is coming in higher than our leaders thought and prices are rising faster than they thought. It’s a surprise to them.
Really, surprised? Have you checked prices in the stores? Have you seen the price of gasoline? Wasn’t it many of you who told us that higher gas prices impacted everything? Now you’re surprised? Didn’t you listen when many of us said that increased spending would drive inflation? Now you want more stimulus? What do you think that is going to do?
Between the VP yesterday saying people in rural areas cannot get a photocopy and the surprise about inflation, it doesn’t give me much confidence in leadership.

Beginning Thursday the Treasury Department begins monthly payments to families with children, a program created by the COVID stimulus in March. Another welfare program that will never cease, despite the one year they say it will last. The Treasury Department  says that 39 million households — covering 88% of U.S. children — will automatically begin receiving monthly payments through the expanded Child Tax Credit. Here’s a quote:
“With all but the most affluent families eligible to receive up to $300 a month per child, the United States will join many other rich countries that provide a guaranteed income for children … Experts estimate the payments will cut child poverty by nearly half, an achievement with no precedent.”

See that comment “experts estimate the payments will cut child poverty by nearly half…”? Want to bet? LBJ was going to wipe out poverty with his programs in the 60’s. All it did was drive us into debt. Watch this one.

Texas Democrats Leave The State:
51 Democrats in the Texas House fled Austin yesterday to try to block Republicans from passing a new voting law. They set up camp in Wash. D.C. until the 30-day special legislative session ends on Aug. 6.

Oh, so if you don’t agree the idea is you just leave the state? So if you don’t want voter ID, despite the people of the state saying they want it, you just leave. I see.
Well this is all a gimmick. When they go home this will pass, so this is a show for the liberal media to fawn over and call them heroes. Some day the people will wake up and say stop treating me like a fool. Apparently many on the left can’t figure that out yet. Maybe they really don’t know how to get an ID.

We’re getting out of Afghanistan and pulling our troops quickly and even abandoned Bagram Air Base.
All sides speaking up to this move. The President was smart to change the date from September 11th, which he initially announced. How could that have even happened? Abandon the country and base that Bin Laden worked out of on 9/11 and give the country back to the Tailban that supported Bin Laden?
Putting the date aside, is the move right? Time will be the judge.
If in the next decade the Taliban take back the country, women are again denied rights, thousands are slaughtered, Al Queda reestablishes itself and ISIS renews, the answer is clear.
The problem here goes back to the outset under President Bush.
Afghanistan was a no win situation as far as establishing a government. Remember we helped Bin Laden and team to oust the Russians, who found themselves in a no win situation. Afghanistan has forever been a place others have gotten mired down in and could not get out of. The answer back then (in 2001) was to take out Bin Laden and Al Queda and leave. Monitor the area, and taking air action when necessary. Ground action over time in that area is costly and useless.
So what are the experienced experts saying? It’s interesting:
Former Democratic Defense Secretary and former CIA Director Leon Panetta said over the weekend that Biden should have coordinated more clearly with Afghans before emptying the Bagram air base. 
Jeh Johnson, former Obama Homeland Security secretary, said Biden could have left 2,500 U.S. forces in Afghanistan. “If I were advising the president, I probably would have recommended that we keep in place, in-country, [a] highly trained force of about 2,500 or so for counterterrorism purposes.” 
Senator Lindsey Graham was also clear: “President Biden does not understand conditions are developing in Afghanistan for a reemergence of al-Qaeda and ISIS which will directly threaten the American homeland and our allies.” He later added that “Americans should prepare for major upheaval as this decision by President Biden is a disaster in the making.”
There is no right answer here and it goes back to Presidents beginning with Bill Clinton, who was too “preoccupied” when they were ready to take Bid Laden out to say okay. Bush made the decision knowing this was a generational war, and sent us into the land of no return. Obama allowed ISIS to grow and could not find a way out. Trump hated the war and announced he was getting out, but now says Biden did it all wrong.
Thus, here we are, and because of the way we are leaving there are more chapters to follow. In my opinion (held since Vietnam), if you are sending our troops to risk their lives then send them to win and get home. Winning in war means destroying the enemy, and unfortunately that involves collateral damage. If the world doesn’t want us using our strength and resolve to get it done, well don’t attack us and you have nothing to worry about.

Infrastructure is still in the news. Senator Sanders says $6 Billion is needed and he won’t accept the current bipartisan agreement. Senator Manchin is on record as nothing more than $3 Billion. While these two Democrats were in a standoff we have that bipartisan bill on the hill.
This week, Sen. Jacky Rosen (D-Nev.) became the 22nd senator to support the bill. Rosen confirmed that she backing the blueprint after Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) told an Arizona radio station that the group has expanded by one since mid-June. “We worked really hard … to build a coalition that is half Democrat, half Republican. We now have 22 senators who are supporting this framework,” Sinema said.  Rosen’s support now gives the package 11 Democratic senators and 11 Republican senators signing on. Why did she sign on?
She’s another Democrat up for reelection next year and the leftward move of the party has her in jeopardy. She needs to cultivate a “centrist Democrat” image. You are going to see more and more of this as the months unfold. The Democrats went too far left on crime and spending and those up for reelection know it.

Terry McAuliffe, Democrat Governor Candidate in Virginia said this: “Call me crazy, but I think it should be easier to vote than it should be to buy a gun.”
Governor, I just went through the process to get a gun in my state. It took me almost five months to take the written course, take the range test and apply with the FBI and state background checks. I registered to vote in under a minute. Cut it out. Try taking action on those who use guns illegally. You will be surprised by the results.

Eric Adams, who won the Democratic primary in NY is getting a lot of coverage as an ex police officer and someone who is going to restore the police in the city.
Someone better tell him that the newly elected District Attorney (Allan Bragg) in NYC promised that he’s not going to charge alleged offenders in low-level cases. They can commit all the “minor crimes” they want. You know, opposite the policies that turned city under commissioners Kelly and Bratton. So we’ll see now.

Did you see that James Craig the former Detroit Police Chief resigned and is running for Governor? He is African-American and running as a Republican. He said:  
“Growing up in Detroit, you are born a Democrat. But over time you have your own life experiences and  Democratic policies have failed.”
He speaks with the experience of having worked as a street cop during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles and up to Commissioner in Detroit. He approved of concealed pistol licenses as the police chief of Portland, Maine. His years of on patrol experience have convinced him the state must abandon a  “victimhood mentality.”
He criticized and sees the current Governor (Gretchen Whitmer) as weak and beatable. She is seen as vulnerable with an approval rating down eight points since February.  She won in 2018 with 53 percent of the vote based on a landslide 70 percent showing in the Detroit area. Craig was a highly popular police chief there. It could be an interesting race.

Remember when we told you that California Governor Newsom had filled the forms out incorrectly for the recall election and left his party designation off? Well yesterday a state judge ruled that he cannot identify himself as a Democrat on the recall ballot. The judge said he failed to meet the deadline to designate a party affiliation.

Haha Haha, how funny is that. Now, he’ll win easily, but how incompetent is that?

Final quote of the day is from former President Jimmy Carter:  “I think that, in general, Joe Biden has done very well.”
What do you think?


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