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Gun Control: The President and a number of big city Mayors are saying the problem with crime in the country and their areas of living is guns.
No it’s not. The cities in question have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. The guns they are using in your streets are illegal now. They’re not registered. You put more laws and only hurt law abiding citizens. The criminal element will continue using illegal guns.
How about you locking up law breakers and keeping them locked up rather than releasing them before the police finish the paperwork? How about not defunding the police? How about supporting the police and allowing them to do what police are supposed to do?
You made drugs illegal, how did you do with that? You made gambling illegal, how did that work out? In what universe is more gun laws going to limit illegal gun use? You can’t think of any, can you? I’ll give you one, use an illegal gun in a crime and add ten years to your sentence – and mean it.

Defunding the police: The left said this will cut crime because the police are the cause of much chaos, reaction and unrest.
Wrong again. You actually did this in cities like Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. How did that work out? You can blame Covid, lock downs and everything else, but you would be wrong again. It’s how you govern.

Statues are coming down: Over the weekend Virginia removed statues that had stood for over a century of Robert E. Lee and General Stonewall Jackson. Add this to the taking down of Teddy Roosevelt and others this past month and you see a trend.
I understand the desire to remove some. I would hope the statues would be moved to a Statue Park where people can visit, because they are part of our history. I have mentioned before how I visited Budapest’s Statue Park and was fascinated by the statues removed when the Iron Curtain fell. It was historic.
But, I have this question too.
When twenty and thirty years ago people protested the movement to a change in laws of nakedness, sex and language on TV and the big screen the left said: “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, watch something else.” How come that doesn’t apply to statues? Don’t visit them.
Is that statement only a one way leftist statement?

Cuba erupts: The demonstrations yesterday in Cuba may be the start of a dramatic event. Clearly the people protesting have had it with the socialist policies of the past sixty plus years. What a difference it would make in the hemisphere if this ever came to be. It would impact well beyond Cuba to places like Venezuela, making the continent safer.
We should all be pushing to support this, the upside is so great, but what will far left politicians who support Cuba say? Senator Sanders praised Fidel Castro only recently. Mayor DeBlasio honeymooned there when it was illegal to do so. There are others and some Hollywood elites too; where are they now?
The silence is deafening. Socialism never works. Our citizens better remember that. Every haven they mention has not stood the test of time.


Governor Cuomo yesterday said this: “Very few people were going through what we went through (with the pandemic) and we went through it together. And speaking for myself, it was a tremendous personal benefit.”
How could he possibly say this knowing about the deaths and suffering of so many, including from his nursing home decisions? Disgraceful. He benefited? And New York is going to vote for him again?

The Alaska GOP yesterday endorsed the primary challenger to their elected GOP Senator Murkowsi.
She won election last time despite losing the Republican primary in a three way general election running as an independent. I don’t think she can do it again.

Former President Trump spoke at C-Pac yesterday and again claimed the election of 2020 was stolen from him.
No it wasn’t. You did all you could to lose. See debate one, you blew it completely with your demeanor. See debate two, you cancelled as a reaction. Go back and watch your performance at the daily Covid updates. You lost it.

Former President Trump at C-Pac also blasted Big Tech for what they did in the election and since.
He is so right on this. How can they take a sitting President and other supporters off of social media venues when there are no alternatives? He didn’t tell the truth in their opinion? Well, then who did they ban for the Russia Hoax? A three year lie; who has been denied access? They had congressmen on their platforms who “saw the clear evidence.” Why are they still there?
They all blocked the NY Post expose on Hunter Biden that has proven correct, yet before the election they killed the story. Did they ban themselves?
Any constraint of free speech is wrong and Big Tech is getting away with it. If you don’t care, wait until they come for you. By then it will be too late.
By the way, Michael Avenatti got sentenced Friday for lying. How about all those who called him a saint, did you ban them?

Let’s pause here for now, with more to follow.

Have a great day. Cancel the cancel culture.

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