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The Trump Organization’s finance chief, Allen Weisselberg, surrendered to New York prosecutors this morning as he prepared to face the first criminal charges stemming from the New York DA’s multiyear investigation into former President Donald Trump’s business affairs.  
Now, the former President accused the prosecutors (both Democrats) of being politically motivated.
The charges will be made public this afternoon. What they are rumored to be arraigned are that the company and Mr. Weisselberg illegally evaded taxes on fringe benefits.
You got that? Fringe Benefits. If after all this time that is all they have, they should be embarrassed. Should the organization have collected additional taxes on a company car someone used? Sure. But if you do years of research and this is all you have — not good. Wonder what they might find of a real investigation on all politicians. Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, et all. I bet a lot more.
There better be more charges coming or this is just another joke. Let’s see.


That was the question CNN’s Jim Acosta was yelling to former President Trump yesterday while he visited the border. The same station that was asking President Biden his favorite ice cream flavor.
Here’s my answer to Mr Acosta.
You can ask the former President that after you and your station apologize for:
The Russian Hoax, The False Church Story, The Trump Cages, Trump was a Russian Agent, The Dossier, Trump was a White Nationalist …..
In fact, Jim Acosta, you and CNN have much more to apologize for than I can list here. How dare you yell that one question. Even on Jan. 6th you owe us an apology. You have called it an “insurrection.” Really Jim? How many guns were confiscated that day? If you answered zero you were right. How do you have an insurrection with no weapons? How many officers were killed? If you said zero, you would be correct again, despite what the current President lied about. In fact, the only person who was shot was a war veteran by the police entering the building.
You apologize, Jim.
While I’m at it, how about asking the politicians who supported defunding the police and made them the enemy if they want to apologize to the families of loved ones murdered, and the store owners who had their businesses destroyed. They have suffered far than the pampered Washington elite.


The House yesterday voted 222-190 to establish a select committee to probe the events before and during the Capitol attack. House Democrats were joined by two House Republicans — Reps. Liz Cheney (Wyo.) and Adam Kinzinger (Ill.). — to launch what is expected to be a partisan battle over the facts on Jan. 6 and the aftermath.
What a joke this is to me. No one killed, no building burned or destroyed. Yet, this deems a multi million dollar study and report while all the cities and towns that had riots, deaths and destruction get nothing.
Your congress at work.
Now the Speaker gets to pick the committee. Minority Leader McCarthy issued this warning to his caucus. If any Republican accepts an appointment from Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the select committee, “they better be ready to get all their committee assignments from her.” In other words, they are done with the Republican Party.


Former President Trump said that football legend Herschel Walker is running for the US Senate from Georgia. This is interesting, and I’m nor sure he would be the favorite in a general election. One other issue, he’s not currently a resident of the state. 

Did you hear this? California Governor Gavin Newsom made a bit of an error in filing his paperwork for the upcoming recall election when he left off his party designation. He’s suing the state’s Secretary of State, the one he recently appointed, to be identified as a Democrat on the ballot.  You can’t make this up.

Not much coverage, but gas prices just hit a seven year high for the holiday period. Wonder why there’s not a lot of noise about the burden on people. The national average is now almost 5 cents higher than a month ago and 92 cents higher than this time last year. I guess the burden on the poor is less because Biden is President.

As we get ready to pull out of Afghanistan the top U.S. military commander said security across the country is deteriorating just weeks before the last American forces withdraw.
This is not going to be pretty.

This from Politico:
Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (WV) said he’s willing to support a Democratic-only infrastructure package that bypasses the Republican filibuster.
Wait, I thought he would not agree to any bill that was not bipartisan. What did I miss?

Here’s an example of when telling the truth is a mistake and you try and catch yourself:
Philadelphia’s Mayor Jim Kenney was caught on tape yesterday during a press conference inadvertently telling the truth about why employers in the city he runs can’t get workers back on the job. Philly has a problem getting life guards – even when offering $18 an hour – so they’ve had to keep the pools closed during a heat wave. Here is the quote:
“Every industry in the country is having difficulty getting people to go to work… I suspect when the assistance runs out in September people will start getting — but that’s not gonna solve our problem this summer…”
Oh really? Soon, like Police Defunding was a Republican idea, so will the extended unemployment!


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