It Was Clear To Me.


First, the V,P in response to the question said, ” It’s not my first trip to the border.’ Yes it is since you took office. Since you were asked to set policy. Since you were put in charge. You know what they were asking.
Second, she said the visit to the border was a continuation of her “root causes” visit to Guatemala and Mexico. No it wasn’t.
Third, how do the first two points square? If you went to the border “many times” why are you only now learning and addressing the “root causes?”
Fourth, if you wanted to really see the situation you would have gone to the border for real and not to the outskirts.
Fifth, your comment that “we have seen extreme progress over the last few months” was a total fabrication. Unless, of course, the real goal is open borders and anyone can enter the country. Then you did.

Then there was Congresswoman Veronica Escobar who welcomed everyone to “the new Ellis Island.” No it isn’t. Ellis Island was a welcoming point for legal immigrants to come, register, be examined and move on – without government assistance. How dare you compare illegal crossings to what those on Ellis Island did and experienced. Shameful.


Here’s something that will surprise no sane thinking American:
On June 1st, the State of Florida started requiring proof of job search again (after they suspended it for Covid). Guess what? Total unemployment claims fell 26% in the week of June 5th.
Just so you have a comparison, the U.S. less Florida, fell 3%.

The result of non support, defunding and allowing criminals to run free on policing:
 A survey of almost 200 police departments indicated that retirements were up 45 percent and resignations rose by 18 percent in the year from April 2020 to April 2021 when compared with the previous 12 months.
A few of the cities most in the forefront led the way:
New York City saw 2,600 officers retire in 2020 compared with 1,509 the year before. Resignations in Seattle increased to 123 from 34 and retirements to 96 from 43. Minneapolis, which had 912 uniformed officers in May 2019, is now down to 699.

These two examples point out the question our citizens must answer in 2022 and 2024. More of this, or a reverse in course? Of course, with the media telling people what they want, how many will know what you just read?

One more thing on crime. The President is under fire for not announcing an extension of a home confinement program for prisoners that was started during the coronavirus pandemic. The left wants the program that has 24,000 prisoners on home arrest and out of jail extended (or made permanent). The program was started with the Covid outbreak under the Trump administration and was to end with the virus lifting.
Here’s a quote from the advocates:
“It’s so frustrating for me that the answer that we keep getting from the administration is we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, when the emergency is over. It’s so tone deaf and cruel. People are reconnecting with their families and getting jobs, so they need to know if the government is going to toss them back into prison,” said Holly Harris, the president and executive director of Justice Action Network.
Image, convicted criminals have to go back and pay for their crimes. How cruel we are.


We wrote Friday how crazy the White House ceremony was with the President touting the bipartisan infrastructure agreement and then walking into the White House and threatening to veto it.
Well it changed again on Saturday as he sought to clarify his remarks.
On Thursday he first appeared with the bipartisan committee and praised the work and agreement.
Then he goes into the White House and says that he would not sign that same bill unless a larger reconciliation deal was passed through the Senate.
Friday he took the heat.
Saturday he released this:
“At a press conference after announcing the bipartisan agreement, I indicated that I would refuse to sign the infrastructure bill if it was sent to me without my Families Plan and other priorities, including clean energy.”  Yes, that’s what you said.
Then on Saturday he added: “My comments also created the impression that I was issuing a veto threat on the very plan I had just agreed to, which was certainly not my intent.”
It wasn’t? Then why did you say it?
Want to know why? He was trying to appease the left because Democrats immediately said they were not going to vote for the bipartisan bill without the second spending bill. So he reacted. Then the pushback from the Senators who made the deal, who said that was never discussed. The president ended up in the middle.
It’s call failed leadership.
Actually, its an added element to the old John Kerry statement. Remember that?” I was for it before I was against it.” On this one Biden was ‘for it before he was against it and then for it” again.
Stay tuned, this is not over yet. Especially since Speaker Pelosi said she would not take up the bipartisan bill without the added spending bill. This weekend she was “unavailable” for comment. Not over yet.


You know how every election cycle and hearing we get the message from the left that the right is racist and can’t be trusted? Well, how does that fly with the latest revelation?
One of the most liberal (and outspoken) Senators, Sheldon Whitehouse of R.I. is a member of what has been called the most exclusive club in America: Bailey’s Beach Club of Newport, Rhode Island. How can that be when for years Senate liberals have railed against judicial nominees who belong to private clubs with no minority members, saying it disqualifies them from being confirmed? Why the silence now?
And oh yea, after his membership became an issue in 2017, he promised to disassociate from all-white clubs. But in reality he merely shifted his ownership shares to his wife – leaving her one of the largest shareholders in Bailey’s.
On Friday, Whitehouse defended the club saying  “It’s a long tradition in Rhode Island and there are many of them and I think we just need to work our way through the issues, thank you”. What? Say that again.

When you add the Governor of Virginia and his blackface, his Lt. Governor and the rape charges, Governor Cuomo and his charges, I guess it’s just good to be a Democrat and have the media on your side. Don’t forget Hunter and his use of racial terms. It’s simply not reported.


Senator Manchin assured us all again he was standing tall against changing the filibuster. Of course he is, and he will be VERY vocal on it. Why? Because he is not alone and the one holding it up. Here’s a Washington Post story:
Senator Sinema called the filibuster “a guardrail of democracy.” She noted that 31 currently serving Democrats opposed elimination of the 60-vote threshold to end a legislative filibuster in 2017, when they were in the minority. “I am confident that several senators in my party still share that belief.” In fact, Sinema says she wants to restore a 60-vote threshold for other elements of the Senate’s work including bills that change taxes and spending.
Don’t worry, Manchin’s got this — as long as there are fellow Democrats standing on his left and right.


Here’s an assessment on how the Biden agenda is going from a non partial source:
President Biden came out of the starting blocks with the most sweeping agenda of any recent administration — and he is drawing ferocious resistance in federal courts, where his opponents are filing lawsuits at what appears to be a record pace. Most of the cases are in their infancy, but Mr. Biden already has encountered some serious setbacks.
A federal judge in Texas quickly rejected his attempt on Day One to pause deportations of illegal immigrants, and a federal appeals court late last month shot down an attempt to create a racial preference for distributing coronavirus relief to bail out struggling restaurants. The court ruled that giving racial and ethnic minorities an early window to apply for aid from the $29 billion fund was unconstitutional.
Last week, a judge halted another pandemic program to send money to Black farmers. This week, a judge slapped an injunction on the Biden administration’s  attempt to pause new oil and gas lease sales on federal lands.
Leading the courtroom assault are attorneys general in red states. The Republican Attorneys General Association said its members brought 22 lawsuits against the  Biden administration its first four months. At the same point in the Trump era, Democratic attorneys general notched just five lawsuits.

Sometimes the facts are surprising to even the informed because the media limits what they report.


The former President had a rally on Saturday night in Ohio. He drew a large and supportive crowd as he always does. He repeated his charge that the election was stolen from hm. (Of course not mentioning he blew two debates which were his best opportunity to expose his opponent.) He indicated a desire to win the Presidency “a third time.”
Meanwhile one of the most respected members of his cabinet the former AG, Bill Barr was being interviewed. He said he investigated whether the machines manipulated votes by switching Trump votes to Biden. Barr said the charge was “B.S.”
I repeat again for Republicans, Trump policies, yes. Trump – no.


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