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This is not a surprise to readers here but the administration now says they will fall short of the 70% vaccinated goal by July 4th.
That goal for me was their first real goal with the virus since taking office. The goal of a “vaccine” was in place before Jan 20th.
The goal of “100 million vaccinated in the first 100 days” was fallacy. There were 1.2 million vaccinated on inauguration day.
The changing of that goal to 200 million was a joke since we were on pace for 225 million at the time.
This was the first stretch goal and they will fall short. The media will not report it that way.

That Joe Manchin voted with his party yesterday, despite the absolute promise he would not support any voting rights bill that was not bipartisan, is just another example of what he does every time. He gets all this coverage on anti voting like he was John McCain, but show me once when he was the lone deciding vote.
Never, is the answer.
Now you’ll hear his name on the filibuster. Of course, there are five or six others in the party against changing it, so he will be vocal and out front and vote that way.
Political coverage is standing alone; Manchin never does.

What will start as a temporary program in a few weeks with 36 million American families receiving up to $1,800 monthly checks from the IRS as part of the expanded Child Tax Credit is supposed to end in December.
It won’t. The left will assure it lasts. Once a program starts, it becomes forever. Just watch.
Here’s VP Harris on the program: “Through tax credits and food assistance and housing assistance and healthcare coverage and direct checks, the American Rescue Plan will lift half of America’s children out of poverty.”
That sounds a lot like President Johnson in 1964 and his “Great Society” spending programs. How did that work out?

This is the day President Biden will speak on crime.
The problem won’t be liberal issues, no bail, police defunding, jail release, closing prisons and no arrests. It will be guns. You know, all those legal guns the criminals buy to commit crimes.
You can’t solve a problem if you won’t recognize the true cause. It’s not gun control that’s the problem, it’s self control. In fact, it took me six months to get a carry license in Connecticut.
It’s self control of individuals on the streets and self control of government to take criminals off the street.
If the solution is take guns from law abiding citizens because the government won’t lock up those braking the law count me out.

What led to this talk is the fact that the crime problem has emerged in polls as a potential issue for Democrats in 2022. The latest surveys show the Dems paying a huge price.
I don’t think talking guns is the answer.
The results from NYC’s Mayoral Primary might be a sign. A former police officer and supporter of funding the police led after round one with 31% of the vote. In second place was AOC’s candidate, who actually said in a city ravaged by crime that she wants to defund by $1billion and that police carrying guns might need to be stopped. She was at 22%.
I think he will win as NY goes to second choices in their new ranked voting system. Still that 22% of New York Democrats, in an eight person race, voting for a candidate to the left of Bill DeBlasio tells you the strength of the progressive movement.

In fact, just look to western New York. Last night the Democrats voted to oust their longtime Mayor (Byron Brown) in favor of a self described socialist (India Walton).

What is happening in foreign policy should be alarming to our citizens. Some examples:
China is continuing its expansion at a pace that should have our leaders open eyed. Yesterday they shut down Hong Kong’s free newspaper, Apple Daily. They were a pro-democracy newspaper. Beijing is shutting off all thought in the country. Free democracy individuals are being locked up.
The world is allowing China to break agreements and do this in Hong Kong. They (China) are claiming other areas and water territories as theirs.
China has overhauled Hong Kong’s election system. Before anyone can run for office, they will have to pass a screening committee set up by Beijing. The central government had gotten worried that pro-democracy residents were going to try to sweep the upcoming legislative elections. So Beijing passed another top-down order, as it had with the security law. There are a few major changes. Only “patriots,” defined by a screening committee, will be allowed to run for office.
The silence from the world is astounding. Does anyone remember what appeasement leads to?

Here’s another story in today’s WSJ on China involving an American basketball player.
Jeff Harper, a professional American basketball player, was held against his will in China for eight months in squalid conditions as part of a secretive Chinese detention policy called “residential surveillance in a designated location.” According to research by a Madrid-based human-rights nonprofit called Safeguard Defenders, such detentions were up 91% in 2020 compared with the previous year. Harper says he was detained after he came upon a violent fight between a couple and pushed the man to protect the woman. A few months into his detention, Harper was informed the man had lapsed into a coma and died. He was ultimately released without being charged or ever appearing in court.

This reminds me of Vietnam.
As the administration plans to pull out of Afghanistan what happens to those who supported us? Here’s a story out today as an example.
An Afghan fighter says he worked for the CIA for 10 years. Now he needs to flee the country, but lacks the paperwork he needs to get a visa to the U.S. His story is emblematic of the hurdles that Afghans, particularly those in intelligence, face in joining a visa program aimed at relocating people who worked for the U.S. government to the U.S.
Why would anyone ever help or support us if we abandon them? We are letting people in across the border with no issue, what about those who risked their lives to help us?

What the right is saying about Hunter Biden:
What does Hunter Biden have to do to become a scandal around here? How about cheating on his wife and children to sleep with his dead brother’s widow? Nope. That just spawned waves of pity over the tragic loss of his brother. Yet, somehow there is this religious hysteria among the media to cover-up his misdeeds no matter what he gets caught doing. Hunter Biden uses incendiary, racist, anti-black and anti-Asian language casually with family and colleagues. It would be enough to destroy a political career or get a child kicked out of school. But Hunter Biden? Hardly a peep. Hunter Biden gets caught using his father’s powerful position as vice president of the United States to secure lucrative contracts with international concerns — including our global adversaries. No big deal. Naked pictures, sex tapes, crack pipes, sleeping with hookers, sleeping with crack pipes — it’s all out there. What happens to Hunter BidenHe gets a $2 million book deal. Now — finally — Hunter Biden claims to have accomplished something. Art. Using a metal pipe about the size of a glass crack pipe, Hunter Biden blows some kind of mixture of paint and alcohol onto special paper to create colorful blotches. It is the sort of thing you would tape to the fridge door if your kindergarten child created it with finger paints.But Hunter Biden? It’s a generational wealth windfall. “For years I wouldn’t call myself an artist,” Hunter Biden told one newspaper earlier this year. “Now I feel comfortable saying it.” Dutifully, the art world was “floored,” as one New York art dealer put it. That art dealer predicted that Mr. Biden‘s works could fetch as much as $1 million.That same dealer admitted that the prices Hunter Biden could expect are at least a 1000-percent mark-up because his father is president.“He‘s the president’s son,” the dealer said. “Everybody would want a piece of that.”Nice work — if you can get it.
Now do you know the purchasers of the art will not be identified? If you’ve seen the pictures, I ask you this. Are they buying them for the art or is maybe access and support of the administration? I know what I think.

The counter from the left has been, “He’s not working in the administration is he?” I’ll answer that if you answer these three questions. What did the former President, Jared and Ivanka get paid? (If you said zero, you would be correct). When the former President left the WH, was his net worth up or down? (If you said down you would be correct.) Can Presidents Clinton and Obama say the same?


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