The President’s trip…


Depending on who and what you listen to it probably impacts your thoughts and observations about the President’s trip. There are factions that will praise the administration no matter the outcome. On the other side there are factions that will cede nothing he accomplishes. With that, here’s some thoughts:

Let’s start with the G7 and skip over the visit to England and the meeting with the Queen.
A simple question about the G7 meeting. What do you remember about it?
What you just remembered, was that an accomplishment for the world or more personal interaction?
If it was “America’s back,” what does that mean? Back to what? World leadership? Paying the bills?

What were the accomplishments for policy at the G7? The hope I had was they would take on China’s human rights violations and demand from them the truth about Coronavirus. It didn’t happen. In fact, I remember more China saying, that the days of small groups of countries controling the rest of the world is over.
I was hoping they would mount a united and clear front to confront ransom attacks. I didn’t see it.

In answering the question, ask yourself what came out of the conference and what is memorable. If you need help, remember the former President’s first G7. Whether you agreed with him or not, you remember him telling them they needed to pay their promised share of NATO costs.
This time I remember them all saying “America is back.” Back to what is still the question.

The summit:
I ask the same question here. What is the accomplishment or forward movement that you recall?
If it’s that President Biden and President Putin sat and talked, is that what you wanted and expected?
What is the take away from the summit that stands over time?
When you watched the post press conferences did either say they would change a policy, or the other would? Did either say they had made progress on the issues of the day?
Putin took 55 minutes of questions from one and all and countered every one. On ransom, a big issue today, he called the U.S. the number one country in the world for cyber attacks. He didn’t appear like a leader who was walking away with a new attitude to me.
President Biden’s conference as I watched was scripted. He read a statement on the meeting and took limited questions from reporters. In fact, the most memorable moment was when he went off script to get angry at a CNN reporter for a question she asked.


The President was in Europe for a week. If you’re like me and the most memorable comment from the G7 was “America is back”, and the CNN incident from the summit, then I have to question what we accomplished. I realize though, that depending on what you see or watch could influence your thoughts.


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