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I couldn’t believe when I read that JBS, our largest meat supplier who when faced with a ransomware attack this week, actually paid money. $11 million in ransom payments!
What is going on? Since when does the U.S. allow ransom payments? Since when do we cower to anyone or anything?
What is going on here?
On top of the Colonial Pipeline payment that’s back to back rewards for wrongdoing. Does anyone think paying for this behavior is going to cease it from happening?
I know our press touted the $2M recovered from the Colonial payment, but $11M plus $4M is $15M. We are down $13. Kind of like our federal budget.
This has to cease.

Russia Again.
Since this hacking came from Russia too, and since the administration allowed the pipeline to Germany from Russia to go forward, are you surprised that Putin would allow this? Did we get nothing back for approving the pipeline for them? Was this just another Trump said no, so we say yes?
To me, it just shows a lack of respect for the new administration to allow this. No respect in fact.
With that in mind, spare me the media stories this upcoming week on how tough President Biden was in the face to face meeting with Putin.
How about the media doing some fair reporting for a change?

Wait now, that was a lie too?
It seems every week we get another story that receives little coverage but goes back to wide spread reports about what President Trump and his administration did, but we find out it was media misinformation.
Yesterday a federal report cleared President Trump of accusations that he ordered disbursement of Black Lives Matter protesters at Lafayette Park last year so he could walk from the White House across the street to a church.
You remember that coverage no doubt. The President gassed and beat his own citizens for a photo op, right?
Forget this same group set a fire in this historic church the day before and almost burned it down. Forget the park department was charged with building a fence to protect the White House. We were told this was the President’s doing.
Well, well.
The report said that the U.S. Park Service had the authority to disperse the protesters and did so to construct a fence, which was completed by 12:30 a.m. the following day. “We found that the USPP had the authority and discretion to clear Lafayette Park and the surrounding areas on June 1,” said the report from the Interior Department’s inspector general.
That, it turns out, was long before the President decided to make the walk across the street.
But, as is often the case, the lie is around the world before the truth gets out the door. If you surveyed America today how many would say Trump did this for a photo op? A great majority, because they were told it constantly and for a year.
Shameful performance from the media and just the latest example of how they mislead on the former President.
Now, he did enough to put himself in a negative light with his mouth and tweets. The media reporting falsely is just unacceptable. I didn’t think they could lose more respect, but they continue to surprise me.

They need the money.
Now we hear that criminals may have stolen as much as half of the unemployment benefits the U.S. has been pumping out over the past year, experts say.
Half the money was stolen? How much is that?
The report said unemployment fraud during the pandemic could easily reach $400 billion, according to some estimates, and the bulk of the money likely ended up in the hands of foreign crime syndicates — making this not just theft, but a matter of national security.
Oh, so now we’re passing on our debt to the kids and half the money is going overseas and to criminals? Is that why the left said we needed more?
Now I know they’ll blame the former President and his administration deserves some of the blame, but let’s not forget Pelosi and Schumer and all their charges of not caring for the starving people.
Maybe they should check closer on how they’re spending our kids future.

Speaking of your kids debt:
The President, yesterday while overseas, promised to deliver vaccines to the world, that totals a cost of $4 billion for us. Ask others to help pay? Come on Man, what’s wrong with you?
Not a problem, our kids will pay the bill.

A Democratic Spilt:
It started with Rep. Ilhan Omar’s statements equating the U.S and Isreal to Hamas and the Taliban. Basically she said we were terrorists. The other members of her squad supported her. When a group of 12 Jewish congressional members attacked back the party spilt became public.
Speaker Pelosi spoke up in the afternoon and sided with the Jewish members, but stopped short of taking official punitive action against Rep. Omar. (Action like that is reserved for members like Republican Majorie Taylor.)
Speaker Pelosi said:
“Legitimate criticism of the policies of both the United States and Israel is protected by the values of free speech and democratic debate. And indeed, such criticism is essential to the strength and health of our democracies. But drawing false equivalencies between democracies like the U.S. and Isreal and groups that engage in terrorism like Hamas and the Taliban foments prejudice and undermines progress toward a future of peace and security for all.”
Now that got a reaction from a new squad member Rep Cori Bush:
“Stop attacking @IlhanMN. Stop attacking us, I’m not surprised when Republicans attack Black women for standing up for human rights. But when it’s Democrats, it’s especially hurtful. We’re your colleagues. Talk to us directly. Enough with the anti-Blackness and Islamophobia. “
Then came AOC:
“Pretty sick & tired of the constant vilification, intentional mischaracterization, and public targeting of @IlhanMN coming from our caucus. They have no concept for the danger they put her in by skipping private conversations & leaping to fueling targeted news cycles around her.”
We heard a lot from the media on Liz Cheney dividing the Republicans. Did they cover this like that?

Let’s close the week with this: The world loves us again since we changed Presidents.
This is from a Pew Research Center survey:
The United States’ image around the world has sharply improved since President Biden took office after dipping during the Trump administration, according to a 16 country survey. (Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, South Korea, Taiwan and the U.K.)
Here are some top line numbers:
Over 60% in the surveyed countries said they have confidence in Biden to do the right thing in world affairs.
In 12 of the surveyed countries, a median of 75% expressed confidence in Biden, compared with 17% for Trump in 2020.
A median of 62% across 12 nations now had a favorable overall opinion of the U.S., while only 34% held that view last year.

Now isn’t that interesting. What was it about Donald Trump that had them so angry?
Was it standing up to China?
Asking NATO to pay the share of costs they promised?
Maybe telling them to do their share in climate control and good bye to Paris Accords?
Changing the North America agreement so America got a better deal?
Destroying ISIS for real?
Making America energy independent?
Telling Iran no more and putting sanctions on them?
Trying to solve the North Korea problem?
Or maybe – just maybe it’s:
They didn’t like America’s President saying I am going to represent my country (America First) in our negotiations.

The VP and the border:
What a joke. The border is closed? Oh, so those numbers we hear about are at what border then? I heard this AM that about 1 million people will have tried to cross in the first six months. Someone enlighten me or them.

Then she keeps getting asked when she is going to the border since she is in charge. Why does she not want to visit the closed border? She had no trouble when the previous administration actually closed it. Does she want to go to Europe first? Does she think she really is the President and should be at the G7 meeting in Europe? Is that what she meant?
I am confused. Who is in charge here? Too bad the MSM doesn’t see the story here.

A stat on the G7 that says a lot:
When the G7 was formed in 1975, its members made up 70% of the global economy.
Today its members account for 40%.


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