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Let’s see, if you’re surprised that the President called off the bipartisan infrastructure negotiation, then you haven’t been following things too closely.
There was never a chance the Republicans would agree to all the administration wanted, especially with much unrelated to what you and I might call infrastructure. Then add the taxes they wanted and you know Republicans are not approving any tax. It would be political suicide.
Now, I know the administration made a gesture of cutting some spending, but never near where the Republicans were willing to go, and no compromise on the taxes. So it was all for show.
In the end the administration gets to say the other guys are unreasonable. The left got the chance to yell when the President went down on his spending demand a little. The Republicans get to say we cannot agree to raise taxes.
They all won with their constituents.

Psaki explains D-Day miss, or at least thinks she does:
Now the White House communications office just forgot (or didn’t care enough) to issue a statement on D-Day. It was terrible and a mistake. No President since that fateful day has failed to remember and honor.
It’s a joke how they tried to explain it.
Press secretary Psaki says World War II veterans should not consider silence by President Biden on D-Day as a slight. Oh? I’m sure they’re happy you remembered Pride Month so bright and early.
Psaki added that the President’s D-Day commemorations of years past should allay concerns about his “reverence for those who stormed the beaches of Normandy, France, on June 6, 1944.”
I see, the old Biden spoke up, just not now. By the way, what happened to the old Biden?
She added, “It’s close to his heart and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more we would have to say on it.” I see. Just not on the day, uh?
Maybe he was enjoying the “long weekend” in Delaware as VP Harris told us all to do.

Harris didn’t bake the cookies:
The White House said that Vice President Kamala Harris didn’t bake the cookies in her likeness that she handed out to reporters. The “cookies that were provided to passengers on Air Force Two were a gift from a member of the staff.”
Don’t you wonder who made the judgement to give the cookies with her likeness out to reporters? Do you trust whomever that was to negotiate for us?
Maybe it’s the same person who told them that the border is closed.
By the way, can you imagine some of the comments as they gave out Kamala Harris cookies? Oh boy!

The White House Budget Office Chief – Another Administration Gem.
The White House’s acting budget office chief said that President Biden’s agenda is in jeopardy if Congress won’t go along with his trillions of dollars in proposed tax hikes. Oh, so if Republicans don’t want to raise taxes you can’t do what you want? Sort of like not giving someone money to build a wall, right?
She added, “My guess is if the Senate doesn’t pass the offsets that the spending is in danger.”
No kidding?
Is that what they call checks and balances? I remember hearing something about that.

And these are the people who write about it:
How about this gem from a New York Times editorial writer. You know the paper of record, all fairness.
Well this representative, Mara Gay, said that “dozens of American flags” flying on Long Island during the anniversary of D-Day left her “really disturbed.” She explained, “I was on Long Island this weekend, visiting a really dear friend, I was really disturbed…”
I see, poor writer.
If you ever wonder why the last time the NYT endorsed any Republican Presidential Candidate was in 1956, remember this editorial writer is an example of those choosing.

Harris answers on visiting the border:
What a great response she had to Lester Holt.
Sure, she didn’t go to the border, but she didn’t go to Europe either. I see. Well that clears that up.
One thing for sure. She didn’t insult any European leaders, I am not sure about the Guatemala leader. Plus, wait until he finds out she didn’t give him a Kamala cookie.

i was going to share the crime numbers but:
Everyday the numbers come out on crime increasing. The excuses are laughable, though none more that the lost Mayor of New York.
He says the reason is because people were locked in due to the virus.
So freedom let them loose and they are robbing, attacking and shooting others. I see. I would never have guessed that.
Silly me, I thought it was the defunding of police, the lack of bail, the release of criminals and the see no crime attitude.

About that unemployment and job openings:
Yesterday I wrote about the 8.1 million job openings, which was a record, and how the left is still saying there is no proof that the enhanced unemployment funds are contributing. I thought that was laughable.
Well after we published came the latest numbers. Unfilled jobs is now 9.2 Million. Another record. I want to shout a borrowed (and slightly changed phrase) – Can You See It Now?

This would all be funny if it wasn’t so true.


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