Is this progress?

Are we headed in the right direction?

A year ago, for the first time in a seventy years, the United States became energy independent and a net exporter of oil and gas. Anyone remembering the shortages and gas lines can appreciate that.
Well it hasn’t take long to begin seeing the reversal of that accomplishment. Oil prices are rising again and so are imports under the new administration. Take a look at this chart. It illustrates oil imports from Jan. 1, 1950 to Jan. 1, 2020. Then in red you see the change underway now.

Higher costs and dependence on the middle east? Is this what we want? I don’t think so.
Can the “free press” please report this to our citizens.

Add One More.

Maryland’s Governor Hogan is the latest governor to suspend $300 a week bonus unemployment benefits. He is the 25th to do so. Interestingly, they are all Republican.
Why did he do it? Like most states, Maryland’s small businesses are suffering the consequences of labor shortages.
There are now only two Republican governors not ending the unemployment bonuses earlier than the federal expiration on Labor Day. They are Gov. Baker in Massachusetts and Gov. Scott in Vermont.
The other 23 states have Democratic Governors. None of them have reduced the payout.

Interestingly this morning it was announced May saw 559,000 new jobs created. This was below expectations, as some thought we could have had a million new jobs. What is interesting is there are 8.1 million open jobs.
Keep a watch on next months number as those now 25 governors have cancelled the increased unemployment.

How Do People Support This? What if It Were Their Mother?

By now I assume you heard of the latest attack in NYC on a person of Chinese descent. A 55 year old woman simply walking home was cold cocked with a vicious punch from a 48 year old man. It was brutal to watch, and my first reaction was, how could this continue?
Then a day later I learned about the attacker.
He had 17 prior arrests, including several for assault. Oh what a surprise he committed another, right?
He was arrested just two weeks prior for back to back incidents on the Upper East Side. Oh, yet he was still out walking the street. I guess they thought he was rehabilitated.
After reading about his arrests and seeing his record, I am not surprised this incident happened. I just remain surprised the “enlightened people” of New York City continue to support politicians of no bail, no jail and defund the police fame. Maybe as long as it’s someone else’s mother it is okay.

Remember The Fireworks At Mount Rushmore – Well Not This Year.

Remember that big show at Mount Rushmore last year? The Biden administration denied a permit this year. Why? No, not because Governor Noem was such a leader in fighting mandates last year, don’t be a skeptic. This administration wouldn’t do that — would they?
No, this year it is denied because there could be “COVID, fire and environmental concerns.”
The judge, an Obama appointee, said this in denying to overturn the ruling:
“It would be improper judicial activism for this Court to disregard settled law on how federal agencies operate.”
Imagine that, a liberal judge saying it would be “judicial activism” to act!
Hey judge, the President has a commission to study adding Supreme Court justices to do exactly that for liberal causes.
He also wrote this:
“This country could use a good celebration of its foundational principles of democracy, liberty, and equal protection of law, after a pandemic that has disrupted society and business and has killed nearly 600,000 United States citizens to date, after an insurrection and physical incursion of the United States Capitol while Congress was convening to certify the outcome of the presidential election, and after this nation has become so sadly divided by the politicization of so many issues, likely to include even the outcome of this case.”
Well Judge, you got that last part right.

You Can’t Make This Up. Follow This

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government is not holding and prosecuting illegal immigrants. Instead, it is either catching and releasing or quickly expelling them to Mexico by busing them to the border and ushering them through a border crossing.
Okay, so now ingenious migrant smugglers have figured it out. They use this as a means to cut in half the time it takes to get back to Mexico and prepare for their next load of people: They simply turn themselves into the Border Patrol. They quickly get a ride back home and prepare for their next escort. How long was the walk into the country? Sixteen hours they said. Nice to get a ride home on an air conditioned bus I’m sure.
In one case we know about, Border Patrol agents nabbed the same individual six times from mid-April to mid-May, each time at the same part of the border.
Hard to believe as the administration keeps telling us there is no border issue and that it is “closed”.

Is Age Now An Advantage?

The sports world has always belonged to the young and the next generation. All of a sudden in 2021 we see a reversal at some major events. What’s going on here? Examples:
Tom Brady is MVP and wins the Super Bowl at 43. More than that he was the oldest player ever to appear in the game.
Bruce Arians this year became the oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl. He was 68 years old.
Then Phil Mickelson last month won the PGA Championship. In doing so at the age of 50 he became the oldest winner in the 161 years of major championship golf.
Last week we had the The Indianapolis 500 Helio Castroneves at age 46 win the race.
Of course this is all on top of President Biden at 78 assuming the office as the oldest President in our history. (On his first day he was older than President Reagan on his last day.)
Interesting isn’t it?


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