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Wait, now this is not racist?
Chicago’s  Mayor Lori Lightfoot confirmed that she is currently “prioritizing media requests” from black and brown reporters in an effort to “break up the status quo.” Her remarks confirmed comments made by several Chicago area based reporters who said the mayor is granting one-on-one interviews only with black and brown journalists.
MSM where are you on this? Are you okay with bias against your industry?

How about this?
Five eastern Oregon counties voted yesterday in support of considering becoming part of Idaho. The counties (Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur and Sherman), joined Union and Jefferson, which voted last year to require county officials to study or promote joining Idaho.
Why this request?
The grassroots group (Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho) wants to move their mostly rural eastern and southern counties into Idaho. They believe that they’d be better served in Idaho’s more conservative political environment.
Now, it won’t happen, but it does show you how upset many are, and how divided America is.

Here’s a study from Pew Research Center, who have polled and tracked people over the decades. I think that tells you how much we’ve changed over the last generation or two.
As you review it ask yourself, whose fault is this?
In 1958, (Dwight D. Eisenhower was the president) and 73% of U.S. adults — including 79% of Republicans and 71% of Democrats — said they trusted the federal government “to do what is right” almost always or most of the time.
In 2021, only 24% of Americans say they trust the government. That includes 9% of Republicans and 36% of Democrats who now say they trust the government.

How can this be possible?
Germany officials were celebrating yesterday and many on Capitol Hill were fuming as the Biden administration confirmed it was effectively dropping U.S. efforts to block the Nord Stream 2 pipeline supplying Russian natural gas directly to Germany. Think about that for a second. The administration is pulling the Trump era sanctions and supporting the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.
This despite earlier vows to block the project, the administration they have now decided that it will waive sanctions for the German company overseeing construction of the pipeline and its CEO.
This is the same administration who on day one stopped the Canada to U.S. pipeline, costing us jobs and threatening our energy independence. They did so taking the high moral ground of environmental damage.
What now? How can you support this pipeline? Doesn’t the wind blow in Germany?
It goes back for me to this. We need Trump policies, without Trump demeanor and tweets. Because now, it is not America First.

Donald Trump reacts to NY A.G.
The former President reacted to the NY attorney general office’s decision to work alongside the Manhattan district attorney in a criminal probe of his business dealings. He said it is nothing more than a “continuation of the greatest political Witch Hunt in the history of the United States.”
He added: “Working in conjunction with Washington, these Democrats want to silence and cancel millions of voters because they don’t want ‘Trump’ to run again.” As I wrote yesterday, he is the best Democratic chance to win.
He also supported another comment we made yesterday: “As people are being killed on the sidewalks of New York at an unprecedented rate, as drugs and crime of all kinds are flowing through NYC at record levels, with absolutely nothing being done about it, all they care about is taking down Trump.”


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