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Remember that DA election in Philadelohia we mentioned yesterday? The one where the current DA had taken far left positions on releasing prisoners, getting rid of bail, etc, and was facing a challenge? Crime had spiked. We said it would be a barometer?
Well he won easily. He had 65% of the vote when the AP called the race. Since Philly has a 7-1 Democratic voter edge this primary was the election.
Can we expect increased crime in Philly now? I would think so.

In a nearby city, Baltimore, they are doing an about face. They defunded the police last year (by $28 million) during the whole defunding frenzy. Guess what?
Crime soared, murders increased and the cry for more police arose. They are now refunding the defunding.

While on big cities and crime there was a big announcement from the New York A.G. last night. Now you know NY has a soaring crime rate, unridable subways and increased murder rate. What is the A.G’s office doing?
They announced that they have informed the Trump Organization that its investigation into the company “is no longer purely civil in nature,” and is now also a criminal one. “We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity, along with the Manhattan DA.” Thus the beat goes on for attacks on the former President and all he touched. Don’t worry, the streets will be safer once they get the Trump organization.
I am not sure this is the smartest move for the Democrats. Their best bet to hold seats and win in 2022 and 2024 is an active Donald Trump. If they knock him out of the race, they will have the pleasure of going after him, but lose their ace in the hole. They won’t care, their anger at him is too great to see that picture.

Speaking of the former President, here’s an example of his danger to his own party.
Yesterday he was celebrating the news that Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan announced he will not seek re-election. As you are aware he has had Mr. Duncan and the other top party leaders in the state (Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger) in his crosshairs since they refused to bow to his demands regarding his stolen election claims. Here’s a quote from the former President:
“He (referring to Duncan) was the one who, along with Governor Brian Kemp, stopped the Georgia State Senate from doing the job they wanted to do on the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud.” That, said Trump, “made him unelectable.”
We say again, this might work in a primary, but will be catastrophic in a general election.

On elections, do you ever wonder why the Jewish vote is still so overwhelmingly Democratic? (The 2020 post analysis said it was 77% for Biden to 21% for Trump.)
At one point support for Isreal was a price for the Jewish vote. I guess that doesn’t matter anymore. Here’s a poll released yesterday that is interesting.
Democratic voters are equally sympathetic toward both sides (36%); 12% are more sympathetic toward the Israelis, and 18% are more sympathetic toward the Palestinians.
Republican voters (51%) are more sympathetic toward the Israelis, while only 3% are more sympathetic toward the Palestinians; 19% are equally sympathetic toward both sides.
When you consider, the movement of the embassy, the stance against Iran and the accomplishment of the Abraham accords, it makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Put this in the column that asks, are you surprised, what did you expect?
Border Patrol agents in the San Diego area nabbed 25 illegal immigrant sex offenders in all of 2020. Now they have arrested 12 in just the past two months.
What else is coming across that border that we are not being told and the MSM is not covering?

Meanwhile the House remains fixated on a Jan. 6th commission to investigate what happened (focusing on Trump) and not what happened in the rest of the country with riots. Oh yea, the commission should not, according to Pelosi, look in what was missed in preparing for the day, only what happened and how much the former President was responsible. When would they like the commission report? Of course in time for the 2022 elections.

Nationally we’re lifting restrictions and clarifying that vaccinated individuals can begin ditching masks, right? Well as the Nation reopens, Speaker Pelosi just extended proxy voting in the House until July 3. Roughly 75% of the House has gotten the Covid-19 vaccine. That’s called leadership.

While on that subject, another Republican Gov., Charlie Baker (Ma) announced that all remaining COVID-19 restrictions in the commonwealth will be lifted on May 29 ahead of Memorial Day weekend. The order also rescinds Massachusetts’ face covering order. That makes 22 states doing this, all Republican led.
On the other hand, California Gov. Newsom  has delayed lifting the Golden State’s mask mandate until mid-June.
Imagine if we had a fair press and they presented the facts and actions to the people.


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