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The noise about people not wanting to go back to work because they are making as much (or more) by staying home is getting louder. As much as the administration tried to down play it the evidence is clearly building.
I have a bigger question.
Why and who is the spokesperson for the Republicans, to talk not about this, but what didn’t happen?
What do I mean?
Think back to when the stimulus bill was approved. The Democrats wanted $500 extra unemployment (it is $300 now), and for the rest of the calendar year (it now ends in September). If they were so wrong at $300, how wrong would they have been at the higher level?
Why isn’t the Republican Party out talking about this? Why aren’t they pointing out to the American people that the Democrats want to raise your taxes because they are so irresponsible with your current tax dollars?
What about using some talking points like the left often does? Example:
They said we were not caring and wrong – Turns out they were wrong on betting against you and America.
The best stimulus is a job, so people have pride. The left never got that message.


The media is not covering it, but there is a divide and issue in the Democratic party over this. Congressional members in the high tax states are saying they cannot vote for any program that does not take away the SALT limits imposed by the Trump tax cuts.
Other members, including Senator Bernie Sanders are against any cut in it. “It sends a terrible, terrible message when you have Republicans telling us that this is a tax break for the rich. You have got to make it clear which side you are on — and you can’t be on the side of the wealthy and powerful if you’re going to really fight for working families,” he said.
He’s not alone, look at what AOC had to say. She said “any” SALT deduction is a “giveaway to the rich” and “a gift to billionaires.”
Want more? The Tax Policy Center, a joint project of the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution, published an analysis last month that found restoring the SALT deduction would provide no benefit to 96 percent of middle-income households earning between $52,000 and $93,000 annually. The four percent of middle-income households that would benefit would receive an average tax cut of $400. The analysis found that 93 percent of households earning $1 million or more would get a tax cut averaging about $48,000.
Howard Gleckman, who authored the analysis, says a SALT cap repeal would “overwhelmingly benefit the highest income people.”

Now, the administration can’t pay for any of the programs they want by rescinding this tax and allowing a full deduction. Despite all the claims they made that the (Trump)tax cut was all for the wealthy, this lost deduction was a real hit to that group.
What can they do? I see two options to try and close the divide:
1. They increase the current limit of $10,000 by 50% to $15,000.
2. They do another divide. Income over $400K, you get no deduction. Under you get full deduction.
The second option is added class warfare, and the administration is getting into dangerous territory there and enhancing the movement of those with means to leave the blue big cities and states.


With the media it’s not only what they cover, but what they don’t. Did you know this?
President Biden on Friday cancelled the ‘National Garden of American Heroes’ that former President Trump had announced we were building? You may recall that it was an attempt to assure we remembered our history and the heroes who helped America become the beacon of light it is. Cancelled.

Do you remember when our current monuments were being vandalized, defaced and destroyed? President Trump put in place another order protecting U.S. monuments from damage. It required prosecution of anyone destroying a monument. On Friday, President Biden cancelled that.

He also revoked a healthcare order that was in litigation. It would have required green-card applicants abroad to show they can afford healthcare before coming.
Did you hear any of that in the media? Do you think most Americans were for things like monument protection? Makes me think they didn’t cover it for that reason.

Here’s one more. Remember Neera Tanden? She had to withdraw her nomination to serve as President Biden’s budget director amid opposition in Congress. She couldn’t get the 50 votes needed because of some past utterances and activity. On Friday the President appointed her to serve as a senior adviser to him. No confirmation is required. Shouldn’t that be news?

There’s a major big city election tomorrow that you never heard about. It’s in Philadelphia.
Their District Attorney Larry Krasner, one of the highest-profile progressive prosecutors in the U.S., faces a re-election challenge that will test support for his reformist policies at a time of soaring homicide and shooting levels in the nation’s sixth-largest city.
He is being challenged by a former prosecutor backed by the local police union.
The first real test of a prosector who has let criminals walk, cancelled bail and been anti police. Let’s see what happens.


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