This is leadership?


I have been clear here on questioning this administration’s “leadership” claims on Covid19. You will recall I could not accept the 100 million shots in 100 days as leadership.
Not when they did 1.2 million shots on the day he took office. He was lowering the standard. That’s not leadership, it’s lowering the bar. We said two hundred million is the real goal.
We didn’t celebrate when they claimed victory with 100 million shots in under sixty days and then set 200 million as the goal. 225 would have been right for the pace we were at. Lowered goals is not leadership.
We didn’t support their claims there was no vaccine and plan before they took office. The President himself was vaccinated weeks before he took office. Misleading and not giving credit to others is not leadership. In fact, it is the antithesis of it.
Yesterday we added another chapter to this story. The president strode out in the Rose Garden to again claim victory and leadership. The President who alone wore a face mask on a Zoom call with world leaders said we could take it off. The same President who told us “maybe on July 4th” we could have a small family gathering. Wait, you missed that date by seven weeks! That is not leadership.
If you look at the image on top of this page you will see characteristics of leadership. How does anything you have just read meet that criteria?

Not to worry though, the media has the administration’s back and telling our fellow citizens this is great leadership.


Where’s the “fair and unbiased” media on a promise made concerning schools, science and the virus? We were promised this administration would be “science focused” and “follow that science.” So why aren’t the kids in school? The science has been clear that its safe for them to be there.
Oh, the union has said no, and the union is a supporter of the party in office. I see.
Thus, the administration’s “Promises Made and Promises Kept” is just another ploy for the media? Because in this case its Promises Made, Promises Kept, Unless our Supporters Say Otherwise.
You call that leadership?


To encourage fellow citizens to get vaccinated Governors are now offering an incentive. They range from five prizes of a million dollars each to free fries from Shake Shack. Two thoughts from me on this.
First of all, any offer and incentive should apply to the responsible citizens who actually went and got vaccinated already. Any offer that applies to only those not vaccinated is another reward for anyone not doing the right thing. We have enough of that. Reward the responsible.
Second, if you saw New York’s failed Mayor DeBlasio eating a hamburger and touting the free fries and you’re like me, you got sick. That was a stomach upsetting announcement.


The inflation concerns that drove the markets down earlier this week are real no matter what Janet Yellen says. Food prices, oil, lumber and supplies, are the basics that drive all costs up. You increase lumber, the price of housing goes. You increase oil, the cost of transported goods go up.
Here’s a thought.
You know why things are suddenly going up? The answer is the money the government is throwing into the market and people’s hands. People get money they go out and spend. Think of the trillions we are throwing out there. No surprise the price of goods are going up.
Now think about that for a second.
Isn’t that what socialist countries do? They redistribute wealth and for a short time it’s beautiful. Then prices go up and up and eventually “you run out of other people’s money” to continue the charade.
We should all be concerned, very concerned.
Unfortunately the media won’t report this.


How in the world could this administration have allowed a ransom to be paid for the pipeline? Now we are rewarding misdeeds and encouraging more? How in the world did this happen?
How did the administration that was going to be tough on Putin allow this money to go to Russia? I thought it was Donald Trump who was a Russian spy?
I’m sure the media will recognize this folly and be all over it. Oh wait, Trump is not President. Maybe not.


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  1. Rob Livingston

    Biden has been feigning and claiming others’ success as his own his whole life. That is how government employees and the “everyone gets a ribbon” generation develop disproportionate egos. All of us pay the price of this Wizard of Oz-like charade. Just don’t look behind the curtain.

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