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In any normal election cycle the 2022 elections would see the out party (Republicans) in position to reclaim control of the the House and Senate. The party out of office votes in higher numbers. By mid term time, barring a national crisis, the party in office suffers from fatigue. Add the anger over the 2020 election, the spending, the socialist drift and you are all set for a massive turnover. In fact, the congressional election in Texas on Saturday was the latest sign. A three point district in 2020, they voted 63-37 for the Republican candidates. Today, all the signs point that way. What could go wrong?

I will give two things, the second being the bigger threat.

First, as you follow the current infighting in the party you see potential division for the Republicans. Clearly the movement to oust Rep. Liz Cheney and put Rep. Elise Stefanik in her place is a division. Cheney and her supporters will be covered big in the media as they claim she was replaced because she has called Donald Trump a liar. The media, who despised her and her Father (former VP Dick Cheney), will make her a hero and tell the public how bad the Republican Party is.
The move will drive the other nine congressional members who crossed lines and voted to impeach to increase their activity and defense in expectation of a primary. They will make noise and get coverage. Add Lisa Markowski in the Senate and the media will love covering the division.
My feeling is with the Cheney event happening now, it will likely die down by next year and the bigger question and news is, can she hold her seat in Wyoming?

Which brings to the second issue and the real threat to the party. Donald Trump.

The ex President has been pretty clear he is running in 2024. Thus, in 2022 he will be out on the stump for candidates he endorses. That is the party’s threat.
Think about Donald Trump out there. Will he motivate Republican voters? Of course, but in an off year election the party out of power does not need that much motivation. Ask yourself, will Trump motivate the Democrats to vote? Will more vote because he is out there than would otherwise? The answer to me is clearly yes. I think he will motivate more Democrats than Republicans.
Then add this. What will he say?
Since he is planning to run in 2024 he will be talking about the “stolen election” as he sees it. His ego won’t allow anything else. Now that will drive media coverage on what they call the “Big Lie” and motivate opposition voters.

So, the threat in 2022 is Donald Trump on the stump motivating the other side. That’s my thought, and I am curious how our readers feel.


A day later and I still can’t understand how Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey are more powerful than a former President and can stifle free speech. There are no alternatives to their services; how can they get away with it?

Now they say he was spreading lies about the election. Okay, so that’s your criteria?
How come no one was banned for the two year charade of Russian Collusion? That was as much a movement to deny an election outcome as the last one. It cost us $50 million dollars to find out it was a lie.

How come Adam Schiff is still on these platforms? He, who continually said and wrote “he saw the evidence” that wasn’t there.
Who punishes them for a falsehood?
After all, both platforms banned the NY Post story on Hunter Biden in the closing weeks of the campaign denying coverage along with the MSM. There was a good per cent of people who never heard the story and said if they did it would have changed their mind.

How do they get away with it? Fifty years ago when we had one telephone company did we give them the right to deny coverage to some people? No, we couldn’t, because it was biased.
Social Media is the new form of communication and we are allowing them to do this? Someone explain that.


I keep hearing this from the administration and their supporters and the media. Are you serious? Does any reader of this blog think they are going to raise the corporate tax by 33% and the company is not going to make up the loss?
If you believe that, then that bridge in Brooklyn that was for sale just dropped its price and you should buy it now.
The corporations will do things. Reduce headcount and raise prices. They may even relocate.
Thus, your tax did not increase, but your cost of goods will. Does it make a difference how they take your earned income? Your tax might not go up, but your job may go away.
Before you believe what they say, think about it. Corporations are judged on profits. They are not going to eat the increased taxes. You will pay.


With Caitlyn Jenner coming out and saying trans men should not compete in woman’s sports the noise was loud from the left and media. Forget, of course, that a large majority of Americans think that is right. The issue is destined to be a bigger one. With that in mind here’s a story of an athlete who passed this week and may or may not be related to the very issue:
Tamara Press, a gold medal winner at the Olympics, died this week at 83. She long was the focus of speculation about her gender back in the 50’s and 60’s. The story:
Tamara Press was a Soviet athlete who dominated the shot put and discus throw in the early 1960s. She won three gold medals and one silver medal at the 1960 and 1964 Olympics and three European titles in 1958–1962.
Between 1959 and 1965, she set 11 world records: five in the shot put and six in the discus.
Press, who was 5-foot-11 and 225 pounds, began to attract international notice in 1958 when she won the gold medal in the discus and the bronze in the shot put at the European Athletic Championships in Stockholm.
She was dominant in the sport.
Then in 1966, when Press was 29, her career came to a near-total end when she decided to withdraw from the European Athletics Championships in Budapest.
For the first time there was a required a gender test at the event. There had long been speculation about Press’s true gender. At the time rumors were rampant and it was thought that Press feared failing a new test instituted at the athletics championships: the so-called nude parade, which required female athletes to appear before a medical panel that would determine their eligibility.
After skipping this event she stayed active into 1967 at non test events. At one of her last meets — the Moskow Spartakiad, an all-Soviet event that did not require gender testing — she won the shot put. She retired that year.

Fifty three years later we are about to debate the issue without the sex tests. We know the sex.

Have a Great day. Cancel the cancel culture.

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