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I didn’t see much coverage today and that’s a shame, but 60 years ago on this day America entered the space era and race. Astronaut Alan Shepard’s 15-minute Mercury flight made him the first American in space. It was May 5, 1961 and we should remember.
Shepard was chosen first from the class of seven who began the program. Always tough and impatient he is remembered for many comments. Here’s one as he sat atop that ship awaiting lift off and delays in the count down continued. “Why don’t you fix your little problem and light this candle?”
An example of America’s attitude then.


It appears the Republicans may be ready to move Rep. Cheney out of her Republican House leadership role. (Number three House Member)
A month ago they voted to keep her, but internal strife has continued and even their leader (Rep. McCarthy) was heard on a live microphone saying he’s “lost confidence” and “has had it with” her.
This morning the number two Republican, Steve Scalise, released a statement backing Elise Stefanik who is running against Cheney.
Stefanik gained national attention going against Rep. Schiff at the first impeachment trial and ended up a defense team member at trial two. She is a rising GOP star, elected at age 30 in 2014. At the time she was the youngest woman ever elected to the House.
A large part of ousting Cheney was her vote to impeach President Trump and continued statements calling him a liar.
One interesting tidbit is this. Rep. Cheney voted with former President Trump’s position 92.9% of the time, while Rep. Stefanik did so 77.7% of the time.


Facebook decided this morning not to lift its restrictions on former President Trump, so he is still barred from posting there. Their Oversight Board said it is not a permanent suspension and a review later will be done. That is thought to be in November.
Now the question to me is this. Who decides what is right to post on the site and can do this? Isn’t this still the U.S. of America? Mark Zuckerberg can decide a President (now former) cannot have a voice? I have no idea how we rationalize this.
With Twitter and Instagram having a Trump ban too, are we now limited in free speech on three platforms open to all?
I would think 75 million voters should be very angry and determined to have their voices heard.

Now for his part the former President announced a new means to reach people. A website: From the desk of Donald J. Trump. His spokesperson Jason Miller said this about the site: President Trump’s website is a great resource to find his latest statements and highlights from his first term in office, but this is not a new social media platform. We’ll have additional information coming on that front in the very near future.”


President Biden set a new goal for 70% of the adult population to have at least one Covid-19 vaccine shot by July 4. Does anyone in the administration know how to set real goals? A leader would say on May 5th, “I want every American who wants a shot vaccinated by July 1; and I want a full effort to convince the reluctant to get the vaccine.”
Biden’s goal is 100 million shots over the next 60 days. Far below the current pace of almost 3 million a day, the average for his first 100 days (220 Million shots).
How about someone in the media challenging the phony goals instead of praising their accomplishment.


Japan is preparing to host the Olympics this summer. Here’s some interesting information on Covid in the country.
Japan’s Covid response has been very successful. Overall deaths declined in 2020, even as they were increasing elsewhere. Japan kept their Covid toll low, and its pandemic measures caused a decline in some other fatalities, like those from the flu and vehicle accidents.
That success has led to one potential Olympic problem.
Japan has been slow to vaccinate its population, with only 2 per cent of their nation having received a shot. There was less urgency to do so in a country where fewer than 11,000 people have died of Covid. In fact they are still approving drugs like Moderna and Asta Zeneca.
Now comes the Olympics.
The first safety measure they have taken is barring fans from outside Japan. At a typical Olympics fans make up the great majority of visitors to the host country. By barring them they are impacting the economic impact for sure.
However, the entry to athletes, coaches, journalists and Olympics officials, many of whom will probably have been vaccinated could impact the population anyway. Japan announced they will all need to take several Covid tests before coming, and athletes will be tested every day during the Olympics.
It will be interesting to see how they fare this summer.


The number of babies born in America last year was the lowest in more than four decades, according to federal figures released on Wednesday that show a continuing U.S. fertility decline.
It will be interesting to see the numbers for the next year as the Covid lockdown timeframes will be covered.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu missed the deadline to form a new government. This now allows the opposition a chance to form one. If they do so then the 15-year rule he has enjoyed will end. This would delight the current administration who think Netanyahu is too tough. You may remember President Obama intervening to try and defeat him and President Trump doing the opposite in his time.
There have been four straight close elections in Isreal with no one winning a majority. If the opposition does reach an agreement it will lead to a fifth. Makes you wonder if America is so divided we are heading to these types of elections.


In NY Former state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver who was convicted of taking bribes (in excess of $4 million dollars), was sent to prison for 6 1/2 years. Yesterday he was furloughed after serving less than a year.
Even when you convict a corrupt politician, in this case a Democratic leader who wielded power for decades, while he enhanced himself as the city and state declined, you get no real justice.
Let’s see how they treat a former Mayor of the city who was a hero for cleaning the city up and leading it through 9-11 (Rudy Giuliani).


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