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Congressman Matt Gaetz broke news that he’s under federal investigation for sexual misconduct.
The charge involves sexual misconduct with a 17-year-old girl. His television interviews didn’t do much to clear anything up.
I was wondering why there was a story quoting him in the past 48 hours that he may resign and take a role at Newsmax.
Keep an eye on this, and watch how Democrats will want him removed from committees. The same people who voted that it was fine for Swalwell to stay on the intelligence committee.

President Biden’s dog Major bit someone again yesterday while on a walk at the White House. He had just returned from training in Delaware, and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden still maintains that “he’s a sweet dog” who is still acclimating to the busy environment and new faces of The White House. 
I see.
A reader suggested we should send Major to the border. He might help there, and since no one in the White House wants to go, it might be good!

Those of you old enough may remember G. Gordon Liddy from the Watergate activity in the 70’s. He was the leader of the “plumbers” conducting the break-in. He died yesterday at age 90.

He was one interesting character. I read his book, and upon being caught in the caper, he asked his superiors which corner he should be on.
He was prepared to be assassinated.
As a young man he felt he had many fears and decided to confront each.
As an example, he had a fear of rats. At age 11, he roasted a rat and ate it to overcome that fear! Like I said, he was an interesting character.

Amid March Madness, the Supreme Court is hearing a case on NCAA compensation for athletes.
The contention is that scholarships for free education and room and board are inadequate payments.
The decision could change college sports in a big way.

While Pfizer announces that its vaccine is 100% effective in children between 12 and 15, the virus numbers are climbing a little.
There were 60,000+ new cases for Tuesday. That was down from Monday (69,419), but up from 53,578 a week earlier.
As you hear this on the news remember that daily tallies are still far lower than January’s peak of about 300,000 per day.
The question is, if schools require a vaccine what will parents do?

It will be an interesting afternoon as President Biden unveils his new spending and tax plan.
The spending is estimated to be between 2 and 3 trillion dollars.
It will be infrastructure and climate initiatives.
Taxes to pay for it are widespread. Examples:
Corporate tax rate back up to 28%.
Raising the Trump tax rates for higher earners back to 39.6%.
Adding social security tax on earnings above $400K.

The question is will he repeal the SALT limitation of $10k?
If he does, that provides a major reduction to high earners. Some moderate Democrats say that if not included they will not vote for any program.

Now on the other side, the spending on top of the other trillions recently spent is too little for some. An example:
Rep Ocascio- Ortiz said, it’s “not nearly enough and needs to be way bigger.”
She’s not alone: Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) proposed a $10 trillion climate plan this week.

You just can’t please them all.

Did you see the photos from the first two reporters allowed to view the children being held in Texas?
If you did, answer these questions.
Where’s the uproar? Where’s the media with their outrage?

have a great day. Cancel the Cancel culture.

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