The Press Conference…

a view of the presser

There are plenty of views on the first President Biden press conference. Some praising his grasp, some saying he was confused and lost. Here’s mine:

I thought he was coherent enough to get by.
He had clearly prepped much.
In fact you could see him reviewing his cards once when the door opened.

He avoided any pitfalls and can breathe easier today that he did so.

It was also the first time I ever saw a President have talking notes for issues.
It was the first time I saw a President read answers to some questions.

He avoided a potential catastrophe, but he did enough for people to wonder.

now for the press

Let’s start with the control over the press that was exhibited with no complaint.
Did you see people raising their hand and shouting?
No, they sat there sheepishly as the President looked over his pre determined chart on who to call.
Would this have flown a few years ago with a different President?

Did anyone challenge the President as they did the past one? (In fact, the first question at President Trump’s first press conference began with, “Mr. President, you lied to the American people, how can they ever believe you…”

Now Chuck Todd (MSNBC) said last night there were no negative questions yesterday because there is nothing negative to ask.
If you believe that, you must work in the press.
The tone of questions, the words used, the supporting nature of each all provided the President an easy walk.

I repeat again, we have lost a free, unbiased and open press. They have chosen sides, and that is bad for the nation’s future.

final thoughts on the presser

Readers here must have laughed at the President’s new goal of 200 million shots in the first 100 days.
The press praised his new goal, as if he accomplished something.
We have written numerous times, his original goal of 100 million was an example of failed leadership.
In fact, his new goal is low today. At worst it should be 2.25 million if not 2.5.

President Biden said “yes” when asked if the filibuster was a remnant of Jim Crow activirty.
Now that’s interesting since he was in office for 47 years and not only never said a word about it, but actually utilized it.

As Chuck Todd said, nothing to talk about here.

some other news to think about

You are aware of the drive to move everyone to electric vehicles.
Well, are you aware the drumbeat has begun to create a new tax based upon the miles you drive?
How would it work?
Drivers would report their mileage electronically, using a plug-in device in their cars or a smartphone app.
Each mile you drive becomes a tax.
Don’t worry, your taxes won’t go up, only the wealthy will pay! I bet your electric rates go up too!

I continue to be astonished how President Biden gets away with now saying he is taking on China.
He was part of Washington when the problem developed, festered and reached this point.
A year ago his famous “C’mon on man, China is going eat our lunch?” comment was made. He didn’t recognize it then.
Last I heard his son was still getting paid by a Chinese company.
Yet, yesterday he sounded the alarm about China and our children’s future.
Did he get any questions about it? No.
Wouldn’t a legitimate question be – Mr President when in the last year did you realize China was real threat to the U.S.?

How about this story, not worth asking a question on it?
The Biden administration claims to be upholding the Trump-era pressure campaign on Iran, but there are clear signs sanctions are crumbling as China dramatically increases its purchases of embargoed Iranian crude oil. A tripling of Chinese purchases since President Biden took office has given Tehran a financial lifeline and new leverage to fend off outside pressure, complicating the administration’s hope for a quick revival of the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal that President Trump repudiated.

Remember the press and left uproar a few weeks back when Texas and Mississippi relaxed their mask mandate and opened their states?
They were all over the news on their callousness and disregard for health.
Did you hear this now?
Mississippi cases are down and trending lower.
Texas reported yesterday that the state has not witnessed a surge in new cases, and in fact, infections continue to decline statewide.

Meanwhile the past left hero Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in more trouble.
The latest report :
“As the coronavirus pandemic swept through New York early last year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration arranged for his family members and other well-connected figures to have special access to state-administered coronavirus tests, dispatching a top state doctor and other state health officials to their homes, according to three people with direct knowledge of the effort.

This was the Governor who said, “My Mother’s Life matters and your Mother’s life matters.”
I guess his did a little more, as he got her tested and said he would not place her in any nursing home that he sent covid patients too.
But don’t worry. The NY Polls still show people want him to stay in office and he still plans to run for reelection.

have a great weekend. cancel the cancel culture.

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