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Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) has been chiding the Biden administration to appoint more Asian Americans to the Cabinet. Yesterday in a call she was reminded that VP Harris is of South Asian American heritage.
Her immediate reaction was saying that was “incredibly insulting.”
Okay, I get that. What was her next reaction?
She vowed to reject any nominee who is white and straight. 
Explain that one to me.

Remember all the noise about the Post Office around election time?
Well yesterday they reported their 14th consecutive month of losing money. In fact, their fiscal year loss is now $9.2 billion dollars.
Now if this were a private business, what would happen?
As a government organization, though, we just funnel more money to them.
Now ask yourself, do you foresee using the postal system more or less as time passes?
Are you going to mail more payments or do it online?
How come the other package delivery companies make money?
Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has put forward a plan to overhaul the agency and avoid more than $100 billion in projected losses over the next decade.
The Democrats want him replaced.

Isn’t this interesting in light of the border issues? (From Washington Times)
When Donald Trump proposed a wall during the 2016 campaign, it cleaved the country, with supporters and opponents about evenly divided.
While Mr. Trump was carrying out those plans as president, support slipped, with 55% opposed, according to a 2019 survey from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.
The Senate Opportunity Fund’s polling now shows 38% opposed and 53% in support of the wall.
I wonder why.

Wait now, explain this again.
We have said over and over that “taxing the top 1% will soon seep down” to you. Well here’s the latest clarification of the new tax plan. It was down to $400,000 per person right?
Well now its changed again.
Mr. Biden is already breaking his pledge because a person earning over $200,000 per year married to someone making the same amount would see tax increases.
Stay tuned.
If they don’t take away deductions from the high earners, you will pay more – guaranteed.

Here’s an interesting analysis on why President Biden is moving so quickly:
Four things are pushing Biden to jam through what could amount to a $5 trillion-plus overhaul of America, and vast changes to voting, immigration and inequality.

1. He has full party control of Congress, and a short window to go big.
2. He has party activists egging him on.
3. He has strong gathering economic winds at his back. 
4. And he’s popular in polls.

If you followed what President Obama said his mistake was, it was not moving quickly in year one, because he lost the congress in the mid terms.

Why hasn’t this happened? They lied under oath!
Sen. Charles E. Grassley is demanding justice against several individuals who lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee over allegations against Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh during his confirmation in 2018.  
The Iowa Republican sent a letter Tuesday to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray asking for an update on four people who came forward with false allegations about Justice Kavanaugh when the committee was looking into a different allegation from Christine Blasey Ford. 
Mr. Grassley said it’s  “the responsibility of the Justice Department and FBI to hold those who mislead and obstruct Congress accountable for their criminal behavior,” and demanded to hear back by April 6. 
He’s made similar requests in the past, but has not had a response.

Make the U.S. like California. All Electric vehicles by 2035?
California’s senators are urging President Biden to hasten the country’s transition away from fossil fuels by phasing out gasoline-powered vehicles.
Democratic Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla sent a letter to the White House on Monday requesting stronger federal action on climate change.
Someone needs to explain to me how we can be all electric cars by 2035 (as California has mandated).
If you take a long trip how do you charge your battery? How long will that take?
How do people living in the city and parking on streets charge their cars?
Is the electric grid going to be able to do this?
Yet, its full steam — er electric — ahead.

Just some of the things I am wondering about this AM.

have a great day. cancel the cancel culture.

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