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the news this am – as we reviewed

With the official start of March Madness, let me close this week by reviewing headlines in the news this morning that go back to issues we discussed.

first – the china talks

The talks began yesterday and as long as it wasn’t for show, the Biden administration adopted the tougher stance of the last administration as Antony Blinken fought back against China’s lead diplomat Yang Jiechi. In fact, they went at it.

Now we think it certainly is long overdue that U.S. leadership (outside of President Trump), got the message on China, and are happy to see this.
But, we are left with this lingering question.
President Biden was in Washington for 47 years while this developed under his nose. A year ago he was still down playing China with his now famous, “C’mon man, China is going to eat our lunch?”
I ask again.
If it was created under his watch, he didn’t see it for 47 years, he’s the solution today?

second – the vaccine

Yesterday they celebrated the “achievement” of the promised 100 million doses in the first 100 days. The media touted it too.
I am going to say this again. The President should be embarrassed and the media is disgracing itself.
If all you want is to celebrate ridiculous goals, then celebrate.
For me, goals are reaches for the stars. Something you drive people to achieve because it changes the game.
100 Million in 100 days would have been a failure for the United States.
On inauguration day we vaccinated 1.2 million people. That’s 120 million over 100 days. Did President Biden and the media want to slow down?
At the time we were still ramping up on the new vaccines. The second had just been approved. Who thought we were going to do less?
A real leader and a real media doing its job would have set the goal I have mentioned – 200 Million in 100 days.
When you achieve your 100 day “goal” in 58 days, you are a poor goal setter and leader and did not drive the maximum outcome possible.
As further proof that 200 Million was the right goal consider this:
We are now averaging 2.2 million per day and did 2.5 million yesterday.
Run those numbers.
We did 100 Million in 58 days.
We average 2.4 for the 42 days left. That’s 100 million more.
A 200 Million goal was leadership.
What we are celebrating as leadership is failure to imagine motivate and challenge.

third – the border

Yesterday I watched the exchange between Dr. Fauci and Senator (Dr.) Paul.
The Senator challenged masks and why Dr. Fauci is vaccinated and telling people to wear double masks.
Dr. Fauci defended his position and said this administration wanted safety.
Okay, two different views, you can choose a side.

Then I saw the DHS Secretary interviewed on the border crisis he called a challenge.
He was asked if people with Covid have been released from custody.
His answer, “yes.” Wait, what?
In this administration we placed people on buses and transported them into our society? “Yes.”
Why would the vaccine and double mask administration do that?
Well, he said, “the law” does not allow us to hold them beyond a certain time.

Think about that from two perspectives:
You spend trillions of our children’s future dollars to protect us today from the virus and you release people with the “highly contagious” virus into society.
Then think about our leadership. Speaker Pelosi and Senate Leader Schumer seem to move awfully fast to change what they want. They can’t change the rule on releasing ill and contagious into society?
Third, Mr Executive Order President, is your pen dry?

Where is the free and non biased press?

the new cuomo poll

A Quinnipiac Poll out this morning says by 49-43% of New Yorkers do not want Cuomo to resign. Do not.
Which raises the questions.
If you are a Democrat in a blue state with a media who loved and praised you:
How many seniors have to die and how many woman do you have to abuse to have a majority realize what is really going on?

Immigration bills

Yesterday the House passed two immigration proposals that provided 11 million undocumented immigrants with a path to citizenship. 
All House Democrats voted in favor of the proposals and nine Republicans joined them. The proposals will now go to the Senate.
My thoughts are these:
First, there are far more than 11 million, as we will find out when it passes.
Second, I go back to what is fair and I offer this idea again:

Why do we reward those who broke the law as opposed to those who followed the rules?
Why can’t we tell those who are here illegally to register with the government and go on the list of those applying for citizenship. They go on as of the date they register, no line skipping.
In the interim they can stay on two conditions.
They obey our laws and do not commit crimes.
They pay taxes and contribute to society.
Then when their number comes up, after those legally on the list, they can submit citizenship papers.
Why do we insist on rewarding illegal behavior?


Xavier Becerra, the former California attorney general and congressman, was confirmed on Thursday to serve as Health and Human Services secretary. Remember the name because he has a far left agenda, and I guarantee you he is going to make noise.
The Senate narrowly confirmed him, 50-49.
Did you know that Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) was the Republican who jumped sides to support his nomination?

have a great weekend. enjoy march madness.
Cancel the cancel culture.

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