Wondering OUT LOUD

Yesterday I saw that President Biden’s approval rating was at 52%. It got me thinking about what people were judging the administration on.
Was it because he was not Donald Trump?
Was it because he was a Democrat?
Was it the money he was giving away?
Trump gave away money and he had trouble getting to 45% at any point in his four years.
What is it? So I decided to take a closer look at things since January 20th.
Let’s see:

Is it the vaccine? I know the administration has taken credit for it, but surely people know it was the warp speed program of the last administration that created them.
Did they believe it when Biden said there was no vaccine?
How could that be possible?
They saw him, his wife and VP get vaccinated on live TV before the inauguration.

Do they think that there was no plan for distribution?
I looked at the chart below, and as rollout ramped up in early January we were over a million a day by the time of administration change. At that point we all expected an increased rate, didn’t we? Why wouldn’t we?

Infographic: Tracking America's Vaccine Rollout | Statista

Now the President set a goal of 100 million vaccines in 100 days. Looking at this chart, would you as the leader accept that? If you did you are no leader.
I can tell you I would tell my team 200 million is the goal.
Are people that fooled by the slogan 100 in 100 days?

If the President worked for me (and I guess in a way he does), I would say “you need leadership and goal training.” I would share an old saying that said:
The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.
They certainly didn’t here, yet he told people he exceeded the goal, and they applauded.
Where was the media to …. oh yea, right, the media, they let it slide.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t the vaccine, then what?
The border management?
Let’s see, he took a secured border and created first (using their words) a challenge, then a problem, and now a big problem. Some of us think it might be a crisis, but by all accounts it is messed up.
Is that leadership?
Maybe the leadership is to tell the people not that the border was secure but that it was broken, and this is all because of that.
Do people believe that line and lie? Are they that gullible? No wonder these phone scams are so successful.
It can’t be, after all the press — oh yea, the press won’t tell them.

Maybe they liked those Executive Orders to remove all Trump did. After all it does rid us of Trump policies and the media likes that.
After all, think all the good we did by rejoining the Paris Accord.
Does it improve our environmental standing? Well no, we were exceeding the agreement goals.
Did it drive China and India to improve theirs? Well no, they are exempt even though they are larger polluters in China.
Well then, what?
Oh, maybe they like the idea we are funding the world to do nothing again. After all, we have plenty of excess funds. It’s not like we are borrowing from our children’s future.

Okay, let me try China.
Maybe they like the way the President is handling China. Now which one do they like?
The candidate who said “China is going to eat our lunch, C’mon on man.”. Or, maybe its the recent, we better act or “China is gonna eat our lunch.”
I don’t know.
The media is not covering it. Too much Hunter danger there.

I don’t know, then it must be the stimulus money.
Now the former President wanted $2,000 per person, and we got $600 then and $1,400 now. So together we got another $2,000.
Then we added all this extra funding for things that had nothing to do with the virus. In fact, I heard it whispered only 10% of the $1.9 trillion went against Covid. Can that be?
I don’t know, the MSM never reported on it.
So let me understand this, what makes a great President these days?
We borrow from your kids and their kids to pay later so you can live better now?
I thought America was about sacrifice and saving to make tomorrow better for our kids.
When did that change?
Well maybe the people don’t realize what is happening, but how can that be, unless the media is not telling them the whole story.
Can the media be biased?

Did values really change? Well ask yourself this question. What chance would an old time politician have who said:
“This is the United States of America. Here you pull yourself up by your bootstraps, get a job and provide for your family. You create a better tomorrow by your ingenuity, drive and willingness to work for it. Don’t look for a handout, look for place to use your hands, to drive your future.”
I guess that’s the way it was.
We grew soft.
We want a guaranteed income to stay home.
We want more funds for more kids because we are a single family household. We won’t reward you for working and saving, we’ll tax you to support the rest.
Is this our future?
Well as they say, when you take from Peter to pay Paul two things happen.
Peter loses incentive and you end up with more Paul’s.
When you have more Paul’s the end of your society is near.
The press won’t tell you that or cover fairly those who would.


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