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So, some Democratic leaders are all over Gov. Cuomo to resign.
My thoughts:
First, everyone is entitled to a fair hearing and investigation. That should be done.
Second, I am wondering if they want him to resign now over sexual charges and get him out, in that way there is no investigation of the nursing home scandal and deaths.
The former will pass with the public, the latter, for the leader they said was the example, could hurt.
What do you think?

Did you hear the Democratic talking points on the border on the Sunday shows?
“They inherited a broken system and it will take time to fix.”
My first reaction was, who believes that?
Then the reality that none of the hosts pushed back. The same hosts that pushed back on the previous administration every week.
Well here’s my opinion:
The border was under control and you broke it.
It was fixed with no help from congress, just smart leadership.
Last week you said it wasn’t a crisis. This weekend you called in FEMA.
Isn’t FEMA the disaster crisis organization?
The press didn’t call you on any of this. The press is the problem.

The story out of Bloomberg, based upon an interview with Janet Yellen, is tax hikes are coming.
Oh, you mean we have to pay the bills?
Now they will tell you “we are going to tax the wealthy.” Many Americans will believe them – again.
You see they always start at “the wealthy” and then discover they need more.
The original income tax was going to be 1% and anyone saying “someday it could be 10%” was ridiculed as ridiculous.

Don’t forget this too. When they raise corporate taxes, they don’t tell that results in price increases, and you pay the bill. The press won’t tell you either.

Now think about this too.
We just gave out a $1.9 Trillion Dollar Stimulus to drive the economy.
Do increased taxes stimulate or stall the economy?

Included in those state grants as part of the stimulus was a requirement the states cannot cut taxes.
Think about that long and hard.
You cannot cut taxes even if your budget is balanced, or you have a surplus.
Follow that logic now.
You must spend the money.
So we create more spending programs.
What do you think will happen in 18 months when the additional stimulus dollars are no longer there?
Budget shortfalls. Solution, raise taxes.

Here’s a thought. How come we never start with how to reduce spending on a budget trillions out of balance?
You mean there’s no programs we can reduce, cut or eliminate? It’s only more spending? There’s no waste or mismanagement?
Apparently so.
As Maggie Thatcher said, “sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”

Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to Republican criticism of the additional spending and no tax cut provision was this:
“I don’t see them turning down the money.”
Meaning the states are taking it. Many will echo her profound words.
Well here’s mine:
Speaker, they know if they turn it down you will transfer it and spend more in the free spending blue states.
They know their state citizens will face the same tax increases as others for the spending. Their rates will go up just as much. You see, if they turn it down, it doesn’t give them a break.
We’re all not fooled.
The press covered her arrogant words. Did they tell you the whole story?
The press is the problem.

While on the fooling part, how many people are President Biden and his spokesperson fooling with his comments on no vaccine or plan when he came into office?
That is so ingenuous that it is hard to even write. But I am guessing he will fool 50% of us and the press will allow him to make the claim.

Mr President, when you said 100 million vaccines in your first 100 days, didn’t you know we were up to average a million a day at your inauguration?
Didn’t you know the U.S. had already contracted for double that amount?
Is your leadership claim really just keeping the pace?
You know, in my opinion, if you set a goal for 100 days that you were able to do in 60 days, you set the bar too low. You should examine your goal setting with your team. We can do better.

Marco Rubio was interesting this weekend. He backed the movement of unionization at the Amazon plant in Alabama.
Wait, I thought Republican conservatives were right to work and Democrats were the union guys.
Here’s what Rubio said:
“Here’s my standard: When the conflict is between working Americans and a company whose leadership has decided to wage culture war against working-class values, the choice is easy — I support the workers.”
Then, referring to Amazon and techs in general support for the left, he said:
“The problem is that when it comes to tax cuts, then they want our help. When it comes to, Oh, they’re trying to unionize us, so we might have to pay workers more, then they want our help. If you have a union problem, if you think the taxes for corporations like yours — the biggest in the world — are too high, why don’t you get your woke liberal, leftist friends and have them help you?”

Now that was interesting. Did you hear it on the air or read it in the press?

have a great week. cancel the cancel culture.

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