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Today is Day 50 of President Biden’s presidency.

Once he signs the latest stimulus bill into law, Washington will have spent more than $5 trillion in less than a year on this virus.
This is far more than we have spent in any past crises.

As the country opens more and more does anyone find it odd that LA schools are still closed? What happened to “follow the science?”

Speaking of Covid, how about the book publisher announcing no more printings of Gov. Cuomo’s book on leadership during the crisis? If you bought a book, you were duped. The heroes on each coast are being exposed, but don’t worry, the press is now telling us again how Republican Governors are wrong.

Here’s a cartoon from Fillmore (that Gannett cancelled) on the book:

Here’s a question someone asked about NY’s Lt. Governor:
Has any reporter asked what she knew about the cover up of 15K nursing home deaths? What she thought about the 3/25 EO? Anyone ask her if she’s ever witnessed the sex misconduct & bullying that’s been alleged by so many in recent weeks? Would seem pertinent, no?
Yes I think it would, but why expect the press to be aggressive here?

By the way, the third of the Covid hero Governors, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, is facing increased scrutiny over a policy that may have contributed to increased nursing home deaths related to the coronavirus pandemic.
Imagine that. There will be more news on this as we go forward.

It was announced that The National Guard will extend its mission at the U.S. Capitol into May. Why is the question?
Besides the cost, the appearance of a military state, and a talking point for Pelosi, why is this continuing?

Did you see that Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri said he won’t be running for re-election in 2022?
He is the fifth announced Republican not running. No Democrats have said they will not run.
In a 50/50 senate this could be very significant.

Former President Trump reacted to Blunt’s announcement:
“He [Sen Roy Blunt]  was one of the first people who came to my defense against the Impeachment Hoax #2 (IH-2), and it was greatly appreciated by me. Congratulations to the entire Blunt family, and to Roy on a wonderful career!”
Notice how his opening comments is about himself. That was and remains a Trump problem. He always makes it about him.
Here’s a second example.
The decision was made that President Biden will not sign the stimulus checks that he will approve today. Remember how Trump made it is an issue to put his name on them?
It goes back for me, to Trump policies yes, but Trump personality no.

On those polices, don’t we miss them already? Two examples front and center:
The border is not a “challenge”, it is a mess. This administration broke it and the press is failing to tell the story.
The price of gasoline is rising, and will continue going up as long as we have the current policies. Why would we ever risk giving up energy independence?   

You may seen the story of the death of Roger Mudd. You may remember it was Mudd’s 1979 interview of Senator Edward Kennedy that derailed his run for president. Mudd asked him: “Why do you want to be president?” 
Kennedy stumbled for an answer and never recovered. (Some may think it was the Chappaquiddick accident and death of a young lady, but it wasn’t. Kennedy a Democrat was forgiven). Mudd’s question did it.

Now I wonder if today Mudd would have a job. Why you ask?
He was a distant relative of Dr. Samuel Mudd, arrested for treating an injured John Wilkes Booth after President Lincoln’s assassination.

have a great day and cancel the cancel culture.

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