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monday morning: Issue 1 – Cuomo

Life is so different when it’s you and not me.
With five woman now speaking out about sexual abuse the Governor of NY said: “I’m not going to resign because of allegations.” In fact he said it was “anti-democratic, and a violation of the due process clause of the Constitution. There is no way I resign.”
Funny he spoke so differently when there was far less direct evidence against others.
Why is that Governor?
In fact, the difference between your charges and Judge Kavanaugh is that all five of these woman worked for you. They were your supporters and team.
In Kavanaugh’s case there was no connection between them, the claimants only “witness” said it wasn’t true. The other two who brought charges were proven to be made up.
I guess the rules for thee are not for me.
And by the way, this is no way replaces another real crime, the nursing home deaths.

The New York Post poll on Friday said 45% of New Yorkers would vote for Cuomo for reelection. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. In fact, in NYC two years ago the Governor got 80% of the vote.
Now that 45% is at the height of this scandal and mess, against an unknown opponent. In two years, against a known Republican, don’t be surprised at the outcome.

One more thing you should remember about the 2022 race. If Cuomo decides not to run, you know who will? NYC Mayor Deblasio.
He cannot run for reelection as Mayor (term limits). He ran for President last year, Governor is a no brainer.
Can he win? Is he a Democrat in NY?


Let’s see, the media talks up President Biden’s $300 unemployment boost. Okay, but answer this:
If President Trump were doing this today what would the message be?
I would think the media would be saying (loudly) that the new deal is a cut from the previous President’s $400 per week. In fact, the talk would be how this new plan is taking $400 per month out of Americans’ pockets. How can people buy food and pay rent with less money?


Here’s some stats (from Axios) on media coverage of the old and new administrations:
Nearly halfway through President Biden’s first 100 days (today is Day 47!).

  • Three times as many news stories were written about President Trump in February of 2017 than about Biden this past month.
  • Biden was discussed on cable news for 1,836 minutes last month, according to the Stanford Cable TV News Analyzer. In February of Trump’s first year, he commanded 4,669 minutes. Just a 2,833 minute difference in a short month!
  • Nearly every big news site saw traffic decline in February, with politics dropping most.

    So no press conferences, no SOTU, no negative news. The world has changed.


We’ve been outspoken that Senator Manchin talks a good game but he is never the one ala a Collins, Murkowski or Romney.
Well it happened again in the 50 – 49 Stimulus Vote.
Remember when he said he would not support such a huge spending bill?
Well he did.
His claim to fame on it was he got unemployment down from $400 to $300.
Now’s he talking again:
He’s going to “insist” Republicans have more of a voice on President Biden’s next big package than they did on the COVID stimulus. (Just like this package.)

He said he will “block” Biden’s next big package — $2 trillion to $4 trillion for climate and infrastructure — if Republicans aren’t included. (Sure he will, if there are 51 or more votes.)

Then he said “he’ll push for tax hikes” to pay for Biden’s upcoming infrastructure and climate proposal. This can be as much as $4 trillion dollars. No problem, he said ,”as long as it’s paid for with tax increases.” (I’m sure he’ll get Republican support for tax hikes, aren’t you?)

He also talked up an array of tax increases, including raising the corporate tax rate from the current 21% corporate tax and repealing “a lot of” the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy.  (How many Republicans do you see supporting that?)

My gut is that West Virginians are discovering Joe Manchin and he will be in trouble next reelection time, but then again that is not until 2024.

monday Morning: issue 5 – MINNEAPOLIS

Buckle up for non stop coverage of how bad a people we are. The trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd begins today with jury selection. Make no mistake, Chauvin deserves what he gets. At the same time, four officers were shot in NY over the past few days. Did you hear about that? Do their lives matter?

have a great week. cancel the cancel culture.

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