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closing thoughts

Andrew Cuomo is still top news, but he is also still the Governor.
Why is the news leaking out now, drip by drip? Answer:
As the fear factor falls, critics and whistleblowers are emboldened. There’s a lot of dirty laundry that people were previously afraid to share. More to come for sure. But, he is a Democrat, in NY, and will survive.

The Border crisis deepens.
People are dying and virus cases found, why is the story not front and center on every newscast? Answer: See who is President and what party is in control.
The news media is the problem.
Now, why aren’t Republican leaders and politicians rushing to immigration detention centers, like what the Democrats did to complain about treatment of children and families? Remember the false stories and charges? This is real.
When is a border crisis only a “challenge?”
When we change administrations in the way the media likes is the answer.

How come the Democrats always stick together and the Republicans can’t?
Yesterday the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee voted to advance the nomination of Rep. Deb Haaland to head the Interior Department. They avoided a deadlock after Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Alaska Republican, crossed party lines to support President Biden’s pick. The vote 11-9. 
Do you remember when it went the other way? Is that good party discipline for the Democrats or is that dangerous for the nation?

Read this CBO (Congressional Budget Office) report on an issue we talked about this week a few times. The bill we are passing to your children and grandchildren.
The government has opened the spending spigot over the last year to deal with the coronavirus crisis — but the Congressional Budget Office says unless something changes, Uncle Sam’s freewheeling ways will last long after the pandemic is over.
In a long-term budget report Thursday, the analysts at the government’s official scorekeeper said that by the middle of this century, federal spending will top 30% of gross domestic product, a rate the U.S. has never sustained before.
But taxes won’t keep pace, and 41 cents of every $1 spent will be borrowed in 2050, the CBO said. Debt also will reach deep into unprecedented territory, reaching more than twice the size of GDP, unless something changes.
Interest payments alone will total $61 trillion over the next 30 years and by 2051 will eat up nearly half of federal revenue. As borrowing intensifies, government debt held by the public will be more than twice the size of the economy as measured by GDP.
And persistent high debt brings “significant risks” to the country, CBO said.
“It would increase the risk of a fiscal crisis — that is, a situation in which investors lose confidence in the U.S. government’s ability to service and repay its debt, causing interest rates to increase abruptly, inflation to spiral upward, or other disruptions.”

Did you see this covered in the media? The press is the problem.

On the virus, the same people who told us Cuomo, Newsom and Whitmer were the heroes and DeSantis, Abbott and Noem were the problem, and were proven wrong, are now telling us again those latter governors are the problem by opening up. Guess what? The media is listening again and supporting them.
Do they ever step back and try to be fair? I guess not. If you can fool the people for your cause, why not keep doing it?
With that in mind here’s a cartoon to close out the week:

have a great weekend. cancel the cancel culture.

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