Wondering again…

wondering today

I was wondering, with Texas and Mississippi open completely, joining Iowa and Montana who have already released mask requirements,  added to Massachusetts who have eliminated restaurant capacities,  plus South Carolina allowing gatherings of up to 250 people, why do others like California still has schools closed?
Is there any connection between all those other than the six opening have Governors of the same party and California a Democrat?

I was wondering as I heard the left media saying that the states opening are moving way too fast and wrong. I was wondering, since these were the same people telling me that Cuomo and Newsom were right, while DeSantis and Abbott were wrong, if maybe they are wrong again.
Was Cuomo, the hero and book writer, right and DeSantis wrong?
How come NY had the highest death rate in the nation?

I was wondering if the stories coming out of Michigan that the Governor there is covering up nursing home deaths, too, is true. The stories say she followed the Cuomo lead and model. Did she?
We need to know. After all she was hero three (with Cuomo and Newsom).

I was wondering how come the Golden Globes ratings were down so much. Viewership was 6.9 million people this year, compared to 18.3 million in 2020. (Just for the record they had 18.6 million in 2019 and 19 million in 2018.)
So why was it down? The left said it was because of the Covid.
Oh. Let me understand, people are stuck at home and that’s why the TV rating was down? I see.
I think there may be another reason, you?

I was wondering when I read that Volvo said it would be 100% electric cars by 2030, when all the charging stations would be up since GM, Ford and others were saying the same. Add that cities like Petaluma, California, have voted to outlaw new gas stations and you understand the urgency.

I was wondering what the reaction would have been if the Trump White House had implemented the new policy of charging the White House press $170 per Covid test to access the White House.  Wouldn’t they have said it was another attempt to bar a free press?
While on that topic, I was wondering how they are letting President Biden get away with no press conference or even answering questions. Add, no State Of The Union Speech. How is that possible there is no outcry?

have a great day and keep wondering too.

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