Issues on my mind today…

issue one – cancel culture

Now they want to boycott the Hyatt Hotel Chain because they allowed the C-Pac convention at it. Think about that, a hotel chain allowed a conference.
There are major Hollywood stars out front on this (actresses Debra Messing and Rosanna Arquette are two).
This, after the Dr. Seuss cancellations this week.
Now, if you support this, or remain silent, you are part of the problem and when they come for you, who will speak up?
If businesses like Hyatt can’t rent their space, the reason they are in business, then where does it end?
Enough already.

issue two – the rule of law

So the senate parliamentarian ruled any inclusion of the minimum wage increase in the stimulus bill is against the rules. End of discussion? Need to find another way for that objective? Well not if you’re on the left today.
Here’s Bernie on that issue:
“My own view is that we should ignore the rulings, the decision of the parliamentarian.”
Don’t like a rule or law, just ignore it; but I’m sure Bernie and the left mean that only for the ones they approve.

issue three – the border problem

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, watching the U.S.-Mexico border situation spiral downward, blamed his Trump predecessors.
Wait, the border was out of the news for a year. Congress had failed to work with President Trump to find a solution. He worked out an agreement with Mexico. You and the new administration cancelled it. Now Trump caused the problem?
If you believe that, then I assume you are for the two things above too. If you do, then I think you are part of the problem.

issue four – warren proposes wealth tax

So let’s see, the proposal is to take a big step to socialism. We’ll put a wealth tax of 2% of their wealth on those with $50 million dollars of wealth; and 3% on those with a billion.
To those who don’t understand history, government and spending it probably sounds good. Who cares, right?
Well every tax started at high levels and just edged ever lower. If you think this won’t be the same, you are not thinking.
Second, the government gets more money, what do you think they will do with it? Reduce the deficit? Pay down debt? Balance the budget? No, no and no. They will do what the government always does, spend it and then say it needs more.
If you don’t understand this, then check out the history of taxes and how socialist countries came to be.
What happened to those countries? They went belly up. Why? As Margaret Thatcher said,”eventually you run out of other’s peoples money.”
If you don’t know that I revert back to the question:
“When they come for you who be there to support you?”

time to stand up.

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