What If?

so what if?

Regardless of how you feel about the $1.9 trillion dollar stimulus plan you have to realize that adding that debt to the $2.6 trillion stimulus from 2020, we are passing on an incredible debt to future generations. In fact the full year 2020 deficit is estimated to be $4.7 trillion.

So here’s what I am thinking and want to ask:
In a nation where today we are tearing down statues because we are judging yesterday’s heroes by today’s standards, where we are considering paying reparations for past actions, where the only judgement is what we think today, a question:

What if, when that future generation has to pay the bill, they decide that we supported our today at the their expense?
What if they decide today’s leaders cared only about their well being and passed the bill on, causing them the opportunity to do what they need and want?
What if that future generation of Americans is so frustrated by what they can’t do, that they demand reparations from the future off spring of today’s Americans?
Would it be right of them to ask our children to pay the bill so the rest of them can live better?
By today’s standards wouldn’t that be the norm?

Which raises additional questions for me:
Is the $1.9 trillion an absolute necessity?
Are the funds not Covid related justified? How would we explain them away?
Does anyone care about balancing the budget and maybe beginning to pay back the debt?
If we ask most people to spend the inheritances they want to leave behind, they would react angrily and say no. What do they think they are doing supporting government spending as they do?

What will they say about us?

think about it

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