“Too Much?” Then “tell me…”

the presidential challenge

Think about this. President Trump stands up and says of a program he supports, “Tell me what to take out.” What would the Democrats led by Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and a host of others have done?
They would have been before every camera with indignation, sarcasm and “advice.” Can’t you hear the words, “PRESIDENT TRUMP, YOU ASKED, WELL HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN CHANGE ….”

Okay, yesterday President Biden said if you think the $1.9 trillion plan is too much, what should we take out? Since the estimates of the spending toward Covid ranges from 9 to 20% in it, where are the Republicans?
Where is their leadership challenging the bridge in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco? The bridge in Schumer’s NY?
Where is their indignation asking how $270 million to the National Endowments is justified, when their full year budget is $253 million?
Or, $200 million to The Institute of Museum and Library Services (budget: $230 million). This agency is so small that it doesn’t even employ an inspector general. 
Why aren’t they shouting from the rooftops this fact:
There is $350 billion to bailout the 50 States and the District of Columbia. The allocation formula uses the unemployment rate in the fourth quarter of 2020. Therefore, states like New York and California –who had strict economic lockdown policies will get bailout money. States like Florida and South Dakota – who were open for business – will get less. Where is the “THIS IS UNFAIR” yelling?

The list is long since less than 10% of the $1.9 trillion is for public health (you can look it up). Yet, the Republican leadership just doesn’t know how to play the Schumer game. Have you heard Mitch McConnell out front on this?

the administration

Interesting news from the hearings and administration yesterday:

Attorney-general nominee Merrick Garland said investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot would be his first priority if confirmed. Again, I ask why was this riot/protest more important than what we had all summer and fall?  

He also sidestepped questions about the Russian collusion probe and Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

He said he hadn’t thought if crossing the border illegally was okay or not? Hadn’t thought about? You are about to become A.G.

He did think about guns. He said he would advance Mr. Biden’s gun control measures if confirmed as attorney general.
I have an idea on guns for you both.
You want to control, tax and collect some guns from lawful citizens. How about this idea. Add time (consecutive time, not concurrent) to anyone using a gun in an unlawful act. Double that time if the gun was illegal. How about those committing wrong paying and not the lawful citizen?

Janet Yellen also spoke yesterday. Here’s a quote from Bloomberg:
“Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said President Joe Biden favors boosting taxes on companies, and signaled openness to considering raising rates on capital gains, while steering clear of a wealth levy. A wealth tax has been discussed but is not something President Biden’ favors,” she said.

Wait, I thought this was a,” tax the top 1%” and all would be well. What am I missing here?
Tax companies? That will bring jobs back.
Tax Capital Gains more? I see, you tax income, we try and save what we have left and grow it, you want to tax it higher. So what you didn’t take and we made work, you want more of it. To do what?
Why reward success?

oh this sounds fair too

 The sole focus of the Democrats is on January 6th. After all that was the only threat anyone faced all year. Well now Speaker Pelosi is forming the committee to investigate that day. I repeat, we want the days before and who failed security planning, too, done. But, look at how fair the committee is shaping up as:
Pelosi, is proposing the panel have seven Democratic members, four Republicans. Oh that sounds like a fair committee, doesn’t it? Maybe the four should be from the ten who voted to impeach President Trump.
Any committee not equal in size, chosen by each party is invalid to me. Just more noise, and as stated above, we know who’s best at noise.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Senate Rules committees is holding a joint hearing on the Jan. 6 attack today. This is the first public hearing by congressional panels on the day. It should produce news. The former Capitol Police chief and former House and Senate sergeant at arms will all testify. All three lost their posts following the attack as lawmakers complained about how they responded to the breach.

what’s a day without trump news

You heard yesterday that the Supreme Court paved the way for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office to get the former President’s tax returns as part of a criminal probe.

Did you hear that the Court rejected Stormy Daniels defamation case against the former President on Monday? She sued after he tweeted that she had lied about having an affair with him and about having another man make threats against her. The court let a lower court ruling stand that it had no merit.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is determined to rid the city of anything related to former President Trump. He is now terminating three city contracts with the Trump Organization that allow for the operation of a historic carousel and the beloved Wollman and Lasker ice skating rinks in Central Park.
The Mayor said that the city would no longer be associated with Mr. Trump.

Here’s a word for this failed Mayor. There will never be a statue of you in the city; in fact, the former President has a better chance than you do.

Lastly, the former President plans to reassert himself as the dominant force in the Republican Party and stake his claim as the presumptive 2024 GOP presidential nominee when he delivers a speech Sunday at the annual CPAC conference.
I repeat. Trump policies yes, Trump and his personality no.

have a great day.

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