Trying to keep track…

Keeping up with keeping up – let’s see

Change your diet:
Bill Gates said the rich countries, like the U.S., should eat 100% synthetic beef.

Change your autos:
Boris Johnson, PM of England, said that Jaguar and Land Rover are going all-electric by 2025. That’s on top of Ford saying they will be all electric in Europe by 2030.

Change what you call the airport in Las Vegas.
The Clark County Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to strip the name of a “racist” former U.S. senator off Las Vegas’s main airport and replace it with former Sen. Harry Reid. So Harry Reid airport in Vegas soon.

You have to read the news everyday to keep up.
Imagine if you were booking a trip to Vegas, reserving a Jaguar rental and booking a steak house. It’s all changing!

Now Mark Twain once made a point about reading the daily news. He said:
“If you don’t read the newspaper  you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.”

President Biden has a Town hall

The President stood on stage and came across as a concerned, caring person about the nation. He is trying hard to project that image and succeeding.
It was also clear the audience was representative of the Democratic party today. They cheered the far left positions that Biden took and sat quiet on the more moderate ones. (Like he does not want to defund police.)

The left is where Democratic enthusiasm and drive is. To the right his agenda seems aggressively leftist. The progressive groups say he hasn’t been aggressive enough. 

What did he say last night?
– He said big is better and wants the Covid-relief bill passed by March 14.
– He said his press secretary was wrong and one day a week is not an open school. Tough spot for Jen Psaki when your boss calls you out on national TV.
– He laid a marker saying his plan will create “7 million jobs this year.”
– He said there will be enough vaccine doses for all by “the end of July.”
– And that we will around Christmas be closer “to normal.”
– He rejected the proposed forgiveness of $50,000 in student debt. He did support $10,000, which opens the door to this for the first time.

What about the questions that weren’t asked like?
You think they asked about the lost jobs on the pipeline and rising energy prices?
What about Iran ? Yesterday they warned they would tear up much of the international monitoring agreement of its nuclear activities next week if the U.S. doesn’t lift economic sanctions.
What about the rocket attack on a U.S. military base in Iraqi Kurdistan, killing a contractor and injuring others, by Shiite groups supported by Iran? 
Are we keeping the May 1 withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan?
What are your plans with the border now that people are saying you invited them in? Do you think the nation really wants an open border?

what’s a day without trump news?

Now that was a scathing attack on Mitch McConnell by the former President. Payback for the speech after the impeachment vote. The two are officially at war for who controls the party. Perfect for division and permanent minority status.

The two could not be more different:
Senator McConnell has the inside game wired. He is professional politician.
Trump has the hearts and minds of the GOP faithful. 
Who wins?
The Democrats as long as the party continues to divide.

McConnell’s “inside game” led to Trump’s biggest accomplishment as president — confirming three Supreme Court justices and a raft of lower court judges.
Despite that, they never warmed to each other.

To illustrate, some will never cease with Trump syndrome:
The NAACP, on behalf of Rep. Bennie Thompson, has filed a federal lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, accusing them of conspiring to incite the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.
The suit seeks both compensatory and punitive damages and alleges that Trump, Giuliani and members of two right-wing groups, Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, violated the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act .
They allegedly attempted to disenfranchise Black voters by preventing Congress from certifying the election results on Jan. 6. Mr. Thompson (D., Miss.) is chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. 

Congressman Thompson apparently said he was scared in his office that day and thus the charges. Does that mean the store owners, shop keepers and others can bring suit, too, for the riots that occurred last summer and fall?
I feel certain people there were scared too.

Did you hear the tape with Larry Kudlow in the background listening to VP Harris say there was no vaccine distribution plan from the Trump team?
You can hear the hot mic saying “Bullsh*t” about five times.

George Conway, a founder of Project Lincoln was back in the news yesterday. He now supports shutting the project down after the “harassment crisis.”
They got you good, George. Used you to help destroy Trump and when the election was over, BOOM. Hope you can save your marriage, and mayle like your spouse stay home and fix things with the family.

have a great day.


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