Eat Our Lunch…

“Eat our lunch – c’mon man”

President Biden used that term early in his campaign to refute President Trump’s concerns over China. He implied China was so far behind that Trump was ridiculous to say it.
Yesterday he used it again. This time to his team that if we don’t act China “will eat our lunch.”
Here’s three takeaways from those opposite statements:
1. How poor a campaign Donald Trump ran not to take advantage of his policy changes and actions against China.
2. How wrong President Biden was a year ago, after 47 years in Washington DC, not only his failure to recognize the threat, but his part in creating it.
3. How biased the press is to allow it to be said and not report or act on it.


Well the trial moves to the former President’s defense today. After 16 hours of blistering prosecution by the Democrats, what do we have?

First, the President’s team is hinting they will not take their 16 hours at all. Maybe just four. Really?
You mean after the way they buried you, the thought you have is we don’t need to fight back? They destroyed the former President.

Now the one lawyer who did well, David Schoen, is an observant religious person, who does not work on the Sabbath. That begins tonight at sundown and ends Saturday at sundown. That leaves the Trump team with the other lawyer who you may recall almost convicted the former President in his opening.

Maybe it’s me, but it sure seems Trump and team mismanaged this entire process. Maybe next time hire good lawyers and don’t let your ego keep firing them until the week before the hearing. Might be a good idea.

A reminder, I do not think this ends here even with senate acquittal. I still believe the Democrats will want to keep it going and introduce a censure measure.

One final thing on the “trial.” Here’s comments from Allen Dershowitz from Good Morning DC newsletter:

“Dershowitz noted that House impeachment managers deserve credit for putting together a powerful and emotional case about the inexcusable events of January 6, 2021. “ They get the Emmy, they get the Oscars, but when it comes to the Constitutional law,” Dershowitz said,” they get B minus with great inflation.” 
Dershowitz used an opportunity to share that Jamie Raskin was his student and disclosed the story about Raskin’s father, Marcus Raskin. In 1968 Marcus Raskin defied the military draft and was indicted for “inciting people to defy the military law.” Dershowitz said that he played a role in the case. His advice to Marcus Raskin’s defense team was to plead the First Amendment. And guess what they did? They pleaded the First Amendment, and Marcus Raskin was acquitted on First Amendment grounds, the same grounds his brilliant son is now trivializing, Dershowitz did not hide his criticism.

virus news

Did you see the story that President Trump was sicker than reported when he went to the hospital? Came thisclose to going on the ventilator.

What you can get away with as a Democrat.
President Biden said that his predecessor “did not do his job on the vaccine.” He was at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., and said “Covid-19 vaccines would not be available for all Americans before late summer because of his predecessor’s poor planning.”
Forget warp speed, the development, and commitment to buy 100 million doses that no one knows if it will work, that doesn’t count.

Another example of the advantage is the lack of coverage in the NYT on CNN, and the networks on the Cuomo story.
The deliberate lies and hiding of the nursing home death facts, as leaked by someone on his staff, may be criminal. Yet, the man wrote a book on management and was praised for his handling of the crisis.

Let’s see, the press told us Cuomo and Newsome (CA) were the best at handling and DeSantis (FL) and Abbott (TX) were the worst.
How did that turn out?
Today, no reporting on the truth, so how many still believe that?
The press is the problem.

By the way, did you know or hear this?
On inauguration they changed the testing criteria for Covid that results in a lower number of cases.
“The World Health Organization, on President Biden’s inauguration day, released a notice that the COVID PCR test was overly sensitive based on its cycle threshold. Simply amplifying viral fragments well beyond what’s clinically meaningful creates false positive cases, driving up the case numbers constantly reported on Fox News and CNN, these networks dutifully blaming each case on Trump.”
This notice was written on January 13, but not released until inauguration day, a week later. What a coincidence!
Pretty big news isn’t it? Shouldn’t every citizen know this?

have a safe and relaxing weekend.

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