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Editors Note: On occasion we turn this blog over to our readers who want to express their opinion. Today we have a reader who has strong opinion on the impeachment proceedings. We remain open to your thoughts and opinions. If you have an interest in a guest blog, just let us know.
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a reader speaks

I was watching the impeachment hearing today and my blood started to boil.
Here’s why:

1.  Trump would never ever tell his supporters to go and harm police officers.  All summer long during horrendous rioting he was an avid supporter of the officers in blue. 
As I recall, the Dems were the party that wanted to defund the police.

2.  The “lie” they keep referring to was meant for mail in ballots and what a farce he thought that was.

3.  Are they trying to tell me that Trump wanted Mike Pence and his family harmed or murdered that day?

4.  Are they trying to tell me that Trump and his supporters planned this for weeks but the FBI and CIA and local enforcement had no idea?  It must have been the best kept secret of the century.  “Come on man.”  

5.  They act like it is the first time an election is being disputed.  Hello – remember Hillary Clinton – She still thinks she won.

6.  Eric Swalwell – All of a sudden he is an expert on everything  He was sleeping with the enemy for years without a clue.  Real sharp guy.  Not to mention he lied about Russian collusion for years.  I can do without his opinion or analysis.

Maybe, just maybe, four plus years of bias media coverage .  Covering  up of Hunter and Joe Biden family shenanigans  reached a boiling point.

I did not vote for Donald Trump because I thought he was a saint.  I voted for his policies.  His idea of ” America First.”  I am sick and tired of my hard earned taxes being wasted. 

This trial is totally frustrating and ridiculous. 
How can you impeach a president who is already out of office?
Why millions of dollars for fences and walls in Washington DC?  Isn’t this the party who is against walls and barriers?  Maybe it was ok for rioters to destroy hard working peoples’ stores and businesses, but when it gets close to them it is a different  story.  No one said what happened at the Capital was ok but to blame Trump and insinuate he planned this is insane.

Let’s get on with the business of America. 
Without Trump what are they going to talk about?  Maybe now America will see the new ruling parties  idiotic ideology.

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