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As I’ve watched President Biden comment on domestic affairs, the past administration, his executive actions and yesterday foreign policy, I reached a conclusion.

For his part, the President is convinced that everything that was done by the prior team was immoral and wrong. He is coming across, to me at least, as conveying “I am the moral compass. I am the one who will fix things. I am the one who will return morality to our government and nation.”

The President seems to be sure what he is doing right, and he has not held back getting the message across to us. I would urge you to watch the words and actions and draw your own conclusion.

It is far more than just the previous President that President Biden is talking about. He has referred to the administration and period as a whole.
Are America First and secure borders examples of lost morals? What were we lost morally on? If we define that, then we can measure whether we were morally corrupt before, during, or after.

From my standpoint, I can understand the words and tweets that came from the oval office were certainly questionable. We heard about the Trump kids, but what exactly did they do? Two worked free for four years, as did the President. What crimes did they commit?
If morals are judged on did you profit from the office, well that’s a whole different story. As we’ve reported for four years, the Trump Business and personal wealth took a hit. No one earned a penny from the government for four years.
Now let’s keep a watch on the current administration. I’ve already seen First Brother Frank on TV in an ad pushing his name and the law firm that employs him. (He’s not a lawyer.) I’ve seen that Hunter Biden has a personal biography coming out, published by the same publisher who cancelled Senator Hawley’s book.

And it’s just not the President. I watch his press secretary do her daily thing, and I come away thinking her tone and words are similar. She seems, to me at least, as having a tone that says “see how open I am, we are answering your questions truthfully and honest.” I find it condescending.

Again, I can be wrong, but I see moral clarity touted daily and think its worth our watch.

while on the high moral ground

Congress acted yesterday to show its moral standing. They voted, almost entirely on party lines, with eleven Republicans joining every Democrat to strip Rep. Greene of her committee assignments.
Now she certainly touted thoughts and ideas that I can never comprehend. How she won election is a good question, but she did. Since election she has not supported those positions, going so far as to say she was wrong then.

Okay, but Nancy Pelosi argued that anyone in the office supporting or threatening other members must be acted upon. Okay again.
Now tell me why you won’t vote the same way on Rep. Maxine Waters who told people to get after anyone in the Trump administration, wherever they were.
Tell me why you won’t condemn Majority Leader Schumer who threatened on live TV two supreme court justices.

You see, when you claim the high moral ground and lay out the rules they have to apply to thee as well.

the senate passes a budget 50-50

The Senate passed a budget 5:35 a.m. this morning. This allows Congress to try to fast-track  the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill without Republican support.
Now the vote was 50-50 and VP Harris had to cast the deciding one. So the next time someone says the Republicans did fine in November, remind them of this.

You ask about Joe Manchin? He voted with the Dems despite all his talk that $1.9 was too much and he wouldn’t. Talk a lot Joe does that and says he’s an independent voter; but remember what we told you for years. Never when it matters.

New Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was so excited that from the floor he noted its been one month since Democrats won a pair of Senate seats in Georgia. “Just a month from that day, we have taken a giant step to begin to fulfill our promise.”
Yep, you get what you vote for.

as we head to the weekend

Buckle up for next week as the Democrats show more indignation, and with the support of the media, hype up an impeachment (remove from office) of a President no longer in office.
After days of sensational charges and noise, the former President will not be impeached. No chance.
End of story?
No. What do you say?
I predict Senator Noise (Schumer) will bring a censure measure to the senate, just to keep this going for another week or two.

While he does that, ask yourself this. What is this about? People rioting in the streets near him and his friends. Then ask yourself why it is different from the riots we saw all summer and continue in some areas. Outside, of course, this was close to home. What’s the difference? Is his life and those around him worth more than everyone else? It would seem if you were anti riot and pro police you would be like that when it wasn’t in your neighborhood, right?

Just something to think about this weekend.

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