yes, change is all around us

For some change is great, it means shaking up the old and bringing on new.
For others it is disruption in life and a move from what fit and was.

One thing for sure, change does not come without a price. Today we are living through much change. As President Biden said (in recognition of the heat he was taking on excessive Executive Orders), he is changing the policies of his predecessor.
A predecessor who took much delight in saying he had dismantled the legacy of his predecessor.

So my guess today is, you are for or against change these days depending on how you voted.

Here’s a few changes in the news today:
We have stopped building the wall and are changing immigration policy.
We have cancelled pulling some troops out of Germany. We will stay and pay.
We are back in the Paris Climate agreement, and funding the bill.
We filed a dismissal of an action against Yale that said it practiced reverse discrimination against Asian and White applicants.
Puerto Rico’s new Democratic Governor announced a plan to vote on statehood for the Island.
Congress has introduced a bill to make Washington DC a state.
The new administration dropped the suit that would bar boys/men who say they identify as woman from competing in women’s events – at any level.
Pipelines are out, new drilling on government land are done.

“The Times They Are A Changing.”

Remember the lyrics from Bob Dylan?
Come gather ’round people. Wherever you roam.
And admit that the waters. Around you have grown.
And accept it that soon. You’ll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you. Is worth savin’ Then you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone.

it goes beyond that

In my last blog I told the story of my ten year old granddaughter and her question after getting her first paycheck. (Where’s My Money?)
I got a note from a reader who said this:
“I’m afraid to tell you this but the values of the nation have changed so much you may be teaching the wrong thing. You see saving now will lead to some saying later — you have much, you must give to those who though they may have spent their earnings on drugs, booze, fast cars or good times – have none now. You must share what you saved and have. It’s called “equity” these days.”

I thought about that and all I can think of is “The Times They Are A Changing.”
What was once valued, no longer may be.
So change is about which side you are on and how you see the world. I know where I stand.

The Almost two Trillion Dollar Package

The $1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package is moving out of the senate with all 50 Democratic votes. That means Senator Manchin once again talked a good game but in the end went along. Now he says, before the House and Senate reconcile there will be the changes he wants. We’ll see.
Maybe someone should send him John F Kennedy’s book – Profiles in Courage. Then he can see what it means to stand alone.

One more thought on that $1.9 trillion. It includes the $1,400 payment to individuals. I have thought long and hard about the debt we are building and the day of reckoning to come. I was thinking about those checks and here’s a thought. Let me use another family member as an example:

My nephew is a professional entertainer and travels the nation doing his show. Guess what, with the virus and closed facilities his opportunities are zero. Now he’s tried to give lessons and fill in where possible. He deserves the check, he was truly impacted. Does everyone need checks? Were they impacted like that? Unemployment is 6.7%.
Think about that.

Finally there is a vote today

The House Republicans met yesterday and reaffirmed Liz Cheney as their number three in leadership. She was on the hot seat because of her vote to impeach the President. She won 145-61.
Now she only has to worry about the next primary.

Then the group reaffirmed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s committee assignments. Now she did condem her past comments embracing conspiracy theories and political violence. Said she had gone through a dark time and was wrong.
All done?
Well it was with her Republican colleagues, but not so with the House Democrats. They plan to vote her off committees today.
So the times they are a changing as opposition parties get to decide committee assignments for the minority. Dangerous? I think so.
What happens if Republicans capture the House in 2022 (and after the final House seat was decided yesterday the numbers are now 222-213), they only need to win five additional seats. Does that mean they can decide what committee Eric Swalwell sits on? They may not want him on the Intelligence Committee since he cavorted with a Chinese Spy.
Or, maybe Adam Schiff should be off the committee because he lied about evidence on Russian Collusion?
Dangerous road to travel, no matter how much the times appear to be a changing.

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