A Little wisdom

We began this blog over a decade ago with the byline “Common Sense.” At the time we thought the nation was losing its clarity.
In my opinion time has proven that true.
So today let’s take a brief look at what we call wisdom from two different sources:
First from a separation of four generations in my own family and then Washington.

the wisdom of a 10 and 95 year old

The ten year old is my granddaughter. With a talent for singing and acting, she performed in local shows and then was selected for a professional one where she would be paid. Pretty amazing for a ten year old, and we were proud. She was excited and then received her first paycheck. She opened it and looked at her parents and said, “Where’s my money?” She knew what she was getting paid and now she was being introduced to taxes and fees. She learned quickly about working and taxes.
Her next question was how to save in the future and she learned at age ten about Roth IRA’s. She immediately pressured her parents to open one for her.

So in the question “Where’s my money?” and the statement “Open me a Roth.”, I see the wisdom of a 10 year old. How many never learn?

Now the 95 year old. She is the Great Grandmother of the ten year old.
Last week in a conversation about the state of the nation she had clear opinions. Then I told her about General Motors and the decision they made to eliminate all gasoline cars in 14 years. “What?” she asked.” How are the cars going to run?”
I said they would be electric cars. Her response was immediate:
“Oh that’s great, now when we lose electricity, we can’t drive either.”

The wisdom of a 95 year old.

the wisdom of government

Contrast the simple wisdom above with government today.
We’re cutting the pipeline because of the environment, but not the oil. We’ll ship the oil on trucks or by rail. The fact that that will produce more climate damage doesn’t matter. Oh yea, prices will go up and jobs will be lost.
The wisdom of the decision is?

Then ten Republicans met with the President and VP to discuss a stimulus package yesterday. Did they agree? No, but “they enjoyed spending time with each other” and were only a little “more than $1 trillion apart.”
Isn’t that great, the wisdom of our elected leaders were narrowed to a mere trillion dollars for one program.

The examples are limitless.

in conclusion

Listening to the 10 and 95 year old individuals made a lot more sense to me than our elected leaders these days. They seemed to have more “Common Sense” and thought process to me, than those we chose to lead.
Just a thought on Wisdom today.

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