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Since the 1970’s and long gas lines (for those who remember) we have tried to become free of foreign influence on our energy supply.
I was wondering why, after the commitment of seven Presidents to get us energy independent, we would do what we did last week?
Do we really want to import energy again?
Did we not like the reduced home and gasoline costs?

I heard the President and John Kerry say the workers will get new jobs in solar. Then I learned 80% of the solar panels are made in China. Are we deporting these workers now?
Does anyone in the media care about the truth anymore?

Speaking of which, do they care about free speech? Hasn’t the banning of Parler been awfully quiet? Don’t people realize that silencing of one leads to more, and then it will be them?

Whose idea was it to vaccinate Guantanamo prisoners before our elderly? It took an uproar stop this plan? Terrorists over our seniors who fought for the nation?
Who thought that was a good idea?

So the ex FBI lawyer (Kevin Clinesmith) who doctored the answer on the FISA form to investigate Carter Page, from yes, he does work with the CIA to no, gets probation only? It started the whole FISA Russian Collusion hoax.
Then, he still has his law license?

The NYT on Sunday had this headline: After the Record Turnout, Republicans Are Trying To Make It Harder To Vote.
I don’t think that’s true; they want ID of voters, not the unfettered mailing we had.
Wouldn’t fairness be nice in the media?

Trump fired his impeachment lawyers? Why? Oh, because they wanted to challenge impeachment of a not in office President, and he wanted to challenge election fraud? You have to be kidding.
Is there any end to this guy’s nuttiness?

This morning he announced two new lawyers (with a week to trial). David Schoen, who represented Roger J. Stone and Bruce Castor, a former district attorney in Pennsylvania.
Castor is famous for declining to prosecute Bill Cosby while he was the district attorney in Montgomery County, Pa.
Schoen said of his casework, “I represented all sorts of reputed mobster figures. The alleged head of Russian mafia in this country, Israeli mafia and two Italian bosses, and guy the government claimed was the biggest mafioso in the world.”
This should be good.

Really, what’s with Biden’s brother (Frank)? A non lawyer, he goes on TV in an ad for a law firm saying he will be there with them to represent you?
I see him wearing a TBT shirt that stands for The Biden Team.
Now I ask, we heard over and over the Trump kids were profiting big time from their Dad in office (which Forbes has shown is untrue) and the media covered it big. Where is the coverage of the Bidens and their blatant efforts?

While on Biden, when do you think we’ll see that plan he had to control the virus? You know the one Trump wasn’t doing? I’m ready.

The Democrats are very media savvy. Later this week, the body of Capitol Police Officer (Brian Sicknick), who died after the Jan. 6 riot, will lie in honor in the Rotunda. Think of the power of this timing with the impeachment trial next week. Very smart on their part.

Is it just me, or does it seem watching the media that the Republicans have a bigger problem with Rep. Marjorie Green than the Democrats have with their extreme (The Squad)?
It certainly appears that way in print and coverage.

Finally, shouldn’t there be more coverage of the change in the administrations presentation change of “equality” to “equity”? I think this is significant.
VP Harris said: “Equality suggests, everyone should get the same amount. The problem with that, not everybody’s starting out from the same place. Equity is an attempt to account for differences in need among people from disadvantaged backgrounds.”
What does all that mean?

Just thinking today…..

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