Executive Thoughts…

executive thoughts

With Executive Orders, the new way to lead and manage, I thought I’d do some Executive Thoughts today!

EXECUTIVE thought #1 on Impeachment

Republican Sen. Susan Collins and Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine are pushing a censure resolution instead of impeachment. The reasoning being because of the little GOP support for a conviction.  It’s just going to happen.
This was a smarter idea from the outset. But Pelosi and team said no. Now Schumer says no way.
So impeachment trial we go. What a waste of time.

executive thought #2 – fossil fuels

Okay, let me understand this with fossil fuels. President Biden, the lunchbox President, because he cares so much, has taken action to cause thousands to lose their job? All in the name of turning the nation green?

So we close the pipeline, but the flow will continue either by truck or rail? In what universe does that make sense for people to get laid off this week?

In fact, the American Petroleum Institute cited an analysis showing that a federal leasing and development ban would cost nearly 1 million U.S. jobs and put $9 billion in government revenue at risk by 2022 to states including New Mexico, where one-third of education funding is supported by oil and gas royalties from federal lands.
“With a stroke of a pen, the administration is shifting America’s bright energy future into reverse and setting us on a path toward greater reliance on foreign energy produced with lower environmental standards,” said American Petroleum Institute President and CEO Mike Sommers.

executive thought #3 – For What end?

Now this whole fossil fuel and green thing is to reduce emissions. Well:
The U.S. has led the world since 2000 in reducing emissions on a per-country basis, as China has increased its emissions. And why are we doing this alone?

In fact, John Kerry, who is leading this, said U.S. actions alone to reduce harmful emissions won’t affect climate change unless nations such as China and India follow suit. He said that China is responsible for about 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions, while the U.S. accounts for less than half that.
And why are we slowing ourselves down economically while China emits more?

Then when Kerry added this:
“We could go to zero tomorrow, and the problem isn’t solved.”
My thought, shouldn’t this be a worldwide thing and not the U.S. alone? I guess you can’t rule the world by Executive Order.

Executive Thought #4 – Now About that vote

I hear New Mexico (loudly) and other states reacting to the no drilling. I wonder if they wish the media would have covered this clearly during the election.

Another state involved heavily is West Virginia. They will be greatly impacted. We’ve referred to Senator Manchin here a number of times. Their other Senator is Republican Shelley Moore Capito. Here’s their reactions.
Capito: “The Biden administration signals with these executive orders that America is heading backwards from energy independence toward reliance on foreign sources. This is an economic, energy and national security disaster rolled into one.” Their ultimate goal, she said, is “an all-out ban on fossil fuels.”

Manchin: This act “will not impact energy activity like drilling or permitting on existing leases.”
Can you tell there is a Democratic President?

Executive thought #5 – san francisco

The San Francisco Board of Education voted to rename 44 schools in the city which are named after historic figures. The list includes Abraham Lincoln, Francis Scott Key, Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson and other familiar historical figures. Why? Because these figures “significantly diminished the opportunities of those among us to the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

executive thought #6 – confirming CABINET

The headline today said this:
Biden facing second-slowest rate of Cabinet confirmations in 60 years.
Imagine that, the slowest rate of confirmation in 60 years. You know which one was slower in that time? Trump’s in 2016.
So it could be the fastest in 8 years too, couldn’t it?

final executive thought today

The Los Angeles Times headline last week was that President Biden’s plan was to make America more like California. I hope not, but if he does, then in my opinion it won’t be America anymore.

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