DeProgram or ReValue?

I kept hearing the word “deprogram” in reference to those who voted for Donald Trump. It was topped off by Katie Couric saying it and the widespread coverage she got.

So I thought about it and wondered exactly when 75 million voters were programmed to begin with. Almost half the country got programed? What did they get programmed with? Do we have enough people to deprogram them?
And, exactly what are they programed with? Was it that America First attitude? Was it I want lower taxes and to keep my earned finances? Was it I want our products made here? Was it I want the jobs in my country? Was it I want law and order? Was it I support Isreal and the Abraham agreements? Was it I think NATO should pay their fair share as they promised? Was it the USMCA is better than the NAFTA? Was it I want legal immigration? Was it I want to hold the World Health Organization responsible for their failure with the Coronavirus? Was it the belief China lied and the virus started there and they failed their humanitarian duty to stop it and alert the world? Maybe it was the Russian Collusion that they didn’t believe and didn’t occur?
I’m not exactly sure what they are saying people have to be “deprogramed” from.

That said, I do know what they and others should be reprogramed for.

revalued thinking

Rather than de-programed I think people need to be re-valued. They need to remember the values upon which this nation was formed, defended and grew.
They need to remember that immigrants came here (legally) to work and build a better tomorrow for their children. They didn’t come for handouts or asking for anything except a job. They pulled themselves and their families up “by their bootstraps” and not government handouts. They only wanted a chance.
Those families were supported by a Mother and Father. They actually took responsibility for their own actions. They didn’t ask others to pay. In fact, they took personal responsibility for their lives. They worshiped their God, defended their nation, obeyed the laws, supported and raised their families.

I don’t think we need to be De-programed, I think we need to be Re-valued.

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